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Bibby Scientific Industrial Fluidised Baths

Clean Extruder Parts Safely & Efficently

Modern plastic producers spend ever-increasing amounts of money on more and more complicated tooling which still has to be cleaned to maintain product quality.

Bibby Scientific approached this problem some years ago and now have a range of equipment designed to remove unwanted material from production hardware without damage to the part(s) being cleaned.

The Fluidised Bath is a thermal process that degrades plastic residues to carbon and comes away from the bath as CO2.

This fast cleaning process enable costly machinery to be put back into production with the minimum delay.

Baths operate from a factory air supply or if required inert gases such as nitrogen, full range of fume treatment apparatus is available.


A fluidised bath consists of a loosely packed mass of solid particles through which an upward flow of air is passed. In this fluidised state the particles become mobile, and the bath as a whole displays many of the properties of a liquid. However, since the bath is composed of tiny inert aluminium oxide particles, freezing, boiling and evaporating are totally eliminated. These advantages make fluidised baths a very attractive, pollution free, safe alternative to oil, salt and molten metal baths.

Bibby Scientific produce rugged units for the plastics, paint, rubber and associated industries. These industrial fluidised baths are ideal for cleaning residual plastic material from dies, breaker plates, spinnerretes, etc. They are also widely used for removing epoxy powder paint coatings and for reclaiming painted, coated and bonded components.

Fast: Most parts are thoroughly cleaned in 20- 30 minutes.

Temperature range: 50degC - 600degC
No damage to expensive parts: The nonabrasive, non-corrosive medium eliminates the wear and damage so often caused by manual cleaning. Uniform bath temperature prevents distortion.

Safe: Dry, inert medium.

Labour free: The cleaning process is entirely automatic.

Reliable: Heavy stainless steel construction with external heaters for long continuous service.

Construction: Rugged stainless steel inner container and porous plate for heavy industrial use. Protected controls.

Fume extraction: All units are available with peripheral fume extraction systems to ensure the safe removal of combustion products whilst maintaining access to the bath. Heavy duty stainless steel mesh baskets are available.

Auto air units come complete with an automatic air adjustment system and flowmeter for visual monitoring of the airflow through the bath see ordering information.


For those installations where it is desirable to have an independent system for cleaning fumes from the burn-off process and in order to assist customers in complying with local requirements for environmental pollution. Bibby Scientific have developed three fume treatment systems.


This efficient wall mounted unit can extract more than 99% of any fluidising medium that may be carried over into the bath exhaust system.

Safe: No moving parts

Economical: Requires no power, other than connector to extraction fan.

Efficient: Specially designed for optimum combination of air flow and pressure drop.

Flexible: Compatible with all Bibby Scientific fluidised baths and fume cleaning equipment.


The system has been designed to eliminate virtually all visible smoke and fumes using a powerful flow-through burner operating from mains or bottled gas. No secondary fan is required for the combustion air.

Safe: Designed to comply with British Gas Council and most other regulations.Fail safe systems include ultra-violet flame detection and double solenoid control of inlet gas.

Effective: Exhaust stack emission is in accordance with threshold limit values (TVL's) adopted by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (AGGIH) at its annual conference in 1976. In the UK these TVL's are reproduced in Guidance Note EH15/76 from the Health and Safety Executive.

Compact: Minimum amount of floor area required.

Economical: Gas is consumed only when the equipment is in use.

Quick to install: The free standing unit needs only to be connected to gas and mains electricity.

Serviceable: Service can be carried out easily by the user.

Easy to operate: The afterburner has few operator controls and is simple and easy to operate.


This powerful electrically driven unit prevents corrosive acids and other soluble noxious fumes (especially hydrochloric acid and harmful byproducts of PVC and other halogenated polymers) from being emitted into the atmosphere.

Compact: Free standing unit with 100mm venturi.

Compatible: The scrubber is compatible with the afterburner and most Bibby Scientific fluidised baths.

Serviceable: the unit is easily installed inside or out of doors, requiring only mains electricity and a convenient water supply. It can be easily serviced and maintained by the user.

Inexpensive: Only power requirement is to run the water recirculating pump.

Flexible: Optional caustic make-up tank with programmed or manual pH control. Water feed and discharge can also be manual or automatic.

Data Sheet
IFB51 Manual
IFB101 Manual
IFB111 Manual
IFB121 Manual
IFB131 Manual
IFB201 Manual

Temperature range50°C to 600°C50°C to 600°C50°C to 600°C50°C to 600°C
Stability at 450°:C±1°C±1°C±1°C±5°C
Display resolution°C°C°C°C
Type of control3 term PID3 term PID3 term PID3 term PID
Sensor typeK type thermocoupleK type thermocoupleK type thermocoupleK type thermocouple
Working volume Diameter (mm)259259310500 x 220
Working volume Depth (mm)305660350395
Load Capacity (Litres)512912
Air pressure kPa (psi)170 to 1030 (25 to 150)170 to 1030 (25 to 150)170 to 1030 (25 to 150)170 to 1030 (25 to 150)
Air Consumption L:min at Ambient (max)115115120220
Air Consumption L:min at 450°:C (max)484860150
Heat up time 20°:C to 450°:C105 minutes210 minutes100180
Heat up time 20°:C to 600°:C150 minutes240 minutes210350
Power consumption (kW)4669
Net weight (Kg)608475272
Weight inc alundum (Kg)10015699322
Overall size L x W x H (mm)521 x 521 x 6861041 x 609 x 533795 x 625 x 9151155 x 660 x 930

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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