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Grant Bio UVC/T-AR General Purpose UV Cabinet

This product is now obsolete. The nearest replacement is the UVT-B-AR.

The Grant Bio UVC/T-AR is an economical general purpose UV cabinet for carrying out short-term procedures. It has a lighter and more basic and design than stainless steel model UVC/T-M-AR.

Like the UVC/T-M-AR, it features a built-in UV cleaner-recirculator to prevent unwanted contamination and to protect the user from direct UV light during manipulation.

  Built-in UV cleaner-recirculator
  1 x 15W UV lamp
  UV exposure controlled by digital timer
  Built-in patented UV cleaner-recirculator both increases the maximum density of UV light and generates 25 m3/h air flow exchange - prevents unwanted contamination and protects the user from direct UV light during manipulation
  Convenient, easy to use digital timer for accurate control of UV exposure
  White lamp provides local illumination of the workplace to optimise visual control during operations

Painted steel frame and working area
UV lamp, 15W, long life (up to 8000 hrs), ozone free
Bacteriocidal air recirculator, 25 m3/h air flow exchange
UV recirculator, 30W (efficiency >99% per cycle)
White lamp for workplace illumination, 15W
Digital timer, 0 to 24 hours
Power supply
220/240 volts (50/60Hz)
Dimensions, w x d x h mm
690 x 515 x 555
Weight kg


Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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