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Drager Safety Index

No company springs to mind when talking about safety equipment more than Drager Safety. A market leader in many different specialist areas, Drager Safety have produced products such as gas detection analysers, safety masks and emergency escape equipment.

The main aim of Drager's products are to make the dangerous world we live in, safer. In many different job types, there are a countless number of unforeseen dangers that pose a very real threat to the health and safety of workers. Whether it be the prior warning of dangerous gases or the assistance needed to keep you breathing during a fire, there is a Drager Safety product which is suitable for you.

Despite the numerous changes in all types of industry over the years, Drager Safety has maintained it's product range and it's position as the number one safety company worldwide.


HPS 3100
HPS 3500
HPS 4500
HPS 6200
HPS 7000

Protection Suits

CPS 5800
CPS 5900
CPS 6800
CPS 7800
CPS 7900
CVP 5220
TeamMaster UMEX

MSA Safety Index

With over 110 years in providing Safety solutions MSA Europe - a member of the worldwide MSA group - is the epitome for reliability and trust.

Where Safety is paramount - MSA offers Total Support.

From the early days of providing respiratory protection, MSA has grown to be a leader in the use of modern technologies to offer a comprehensive range of products which can offer simple to high-tech solutions for the protection of plant and personnel.

Today MSA provides a Total Solution approach to the following:

  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  Respiratory Protection
  Head, Body and Face Protection
  Eye and Hearing Protection
  Fire Fighting and Rescue
  Gas Measuring Technologies - Leak Detection

With experience gained over many years and technology led products - MSA have set milestones in providing Safety products to leading International organisations in many major markets:

  Petrochemical & Offshore
  Water Treatment
  Fire & Rescue
  Government Agencies

MSA Head Protection

F1 SA Fire Helmet
F1 SF Fire Helmet
F1 S and F1 E Fire Helmet
F2 X-Trem Fire Helmet
Gallet F1 XF Fire Helmet
V-Gard Safety Helmets

MSA Ear Protection

Electronic Ear Muffs
Passive Ear Muffs
Passive Ear Plugs

MSA Eye Protection

Perspecta Non-Corrective Spectacles
Protective Goggles

MSA Protective Clothing

Champion Elite Gastight Chemical Suit
Oil-Resistant Protective Suit
Plastiklos Reusable Suit
Protective Suit
Vautex Elite ET Gastight Chemical Suit
Vautex Elite M Gastight Chemical Suit
Vautex Elite S Gastight Chemical Suit
Vautex Elite S-L Gastight Chemical Suit
Working Gloves

Obsolete Products

Fuego Fire Helmet

International Safety Products Index

International Safety Products is a worldwide, renowned brand in the marine safety industry and is widely acknowledged as one of the world's leading producers of life jackets and marine survival tools.

The ISPL company has over 32 years of experience in seafaring tradition, giving the company a deep and knowledgeable understanding which helps design excellent products.

The responsibility of saving lives is one of the highest responsibilities any person or company can face. Since International Safety Products's beginnings, the company has produced products that have stood the test when it has mattered most.

The quality of the equipment made by International Safety Products has not only ISO 9001 approval, but also product approvals to ISO 12402, S.O.L.A.S. USCG and a wide range of international and military standards.

Customers from around the globe trust ISPL to such an extent that the company has grown into Europe's largest manufacturer of marine inflatable lifejackets.


Challenger Worksafe & Worksafe Pro Lifejackets
Challenger Interlock 275 Series lll Lifejacket
Challenger Flexi-Wing 150 Lifejacket
Challenger Aqua Junior 100 Lifejacket

Intrepid Immersion Suits

Intrepid Mk1 Immersion Suit
Intrepid Mk8 Immersion Suit

Orbit International Index

A family owned manufacturing and distributing company, Orbit International was established back in 1971, complete with facilities based both in the UK and the Far East, which are wholly owned by the company.

Waterpoof and PPE clothing, work and leisurewear has become the specialisation of Orbit International. With a proven track record of quality and innovation, along with far reaching service levels, Orbit International has grown into a market leader.

Orbit International is proud to provide clothing solutions for the most harsh environments, using its partners in both manufacturing and fabric supply, to introduce the latest developments and solutions to the industry.

The products which Orbit International manufacture fall under various recognisable brands.

Beaver Boots

Beaver Shoes & Trainers



High Visibility






SoSafe Hand Protection



North Safety Index

North Safety forms part of the North Safety Products Group, which is the most diverse manufacturer of protective equipment for safety in the entire world, with 11 completed product lines. Prior to becoming known as North Safety, the company was known as James North.

All of North Safety's products are manufactured to the highest standards, in ISO 9001 certified plants, employing nearly 4000 people around the world.

North Safety also supply the widest range of personal protective equipment (known as PPE) in the world, with each product featuring thorough design and innovation, as well as meeting all of the latest legislations.

Product lines within the North Safety company include eye protection, face protection, welding helmets and shields, respiratory protection, hearing protection, head protection, hand protection, protective clothing and fall protection.

Face Protection
Welding Helmets, Shields & Airhoods
Head Protection
Hand Protection
Fall Protection

Respiratory Protection

Hoods & Masks
N06575001L Class 1 Plastic Cartridge A1
N06575003L Class 1 Plastic Cartridge A1B1E1
N06575004L Class 1 Plastic Cartridge K1
N06575008 Plastic Cartridge P3
N06575009L Class 1 Plastic Cartridge A1B1E1K1
N06575081L Class 1 Plastic Cartridge A1P3
N06575083L Class 1 Plastic Cartridge A1B1E1P3
N06575084L Class 1 Plastic Cartridge K1P3
N06575089L Class 1 Plastic Cartridge A1B1E1K1P3
N7500P3 Round Filter P3
N7500P3O Round Filter P3 (with odor removal)

Protective Clothing

Rinba & North Gen
Spacel 3000

Eye Protection

A700 Series
A800 Series

Test Bench


Scott Safety Index

Scott Safety is a comprehensive range of Breathing Apparatus and Safety Equipment. The first model offerings in the range came into being in 1945 and were originally targeted at the fire service.

Scott Safety was known previously as M S Protector Technologies Ltd. Today, the Scott Safety range is recognised worldwide and is used by all major companies in the oil and gas sector, as well as affiliates in refining and utility. These instruments protect thousands of individuals each and every day from environmental hazards including toxic fumes, smoke, combustible gases, flame contaminants and falling objects.

Models in the current Scott Safety range include Sigma, Contour, Elsa and Flite. Full array of equipment with specifications is detailed on right hand side.

Please contact us for pricing enquires.

Eye Protection


Face Protection

FHK67 Electrician's Carrier & Visor
IB2000 Interchange Browguard
IC900 & IC920P Carrier Systems
IM914 Carrier System
IM917 & IM917C Carrier Systems
IV900PC & IV900PA Face Shields
IV901PC & IV901PA Face Shields

Head Protection

Bumpmaster Bump Caps
FirstBase 3 Bump Protection Caps
Style 300 Safety Helmet
Style 600 Safety Helmet
Tuffmaster II Safety Helmet

Hearing Protection

Zone Forestry and Amenity Ear Defenders
Zone Industrial Headband Ear Defenders
Zone Industrial Helmet Mount Ear Defenders
Zone Industrial Neckband Ear Defenders

Vohoc manufacture specialist clothing, with particular attention paid to fire entry, flame retardant and flame resistant clothing.

Keison Products supply Vochoc's Fire Entry Clothing, Flame Retardant, Flame Resistant, Aluminised Proximity Clothing and Heat Protective Gloves and Mitts product ranges.

Fire Entry Clothing

GoodPRO HR Aluminised Suits
GoodPRO HR2 FireFly
GoodPRO FR3 FireHorse
GoodPRO HR4 FireBull

Flame Retardant Clothing

Proban Clothing
Proban High Vis - Anti Static Clothing

Flame Resistant Clothing

Lenzing FR Clothing for Aluminium Industry
Lenzing FR Clothing for Petrochemical Industry

Aluminised Proximity Clothing

Aluminised Proximity Jacket & Trousers
Aluminised Proximity Aprons/Gaiters/Sleeves
Aluminised Proximity Hoods

Heat Protective Gloves and Mitts

Woven Aramid Gloves/Mitts
Aramid Carbon Gloves/Mitts
Aramid PBI Mitts
Leather Gloves
Aramid Terry Cloth Mitts
Chainmail Mitts

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