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Testo 400 Multi Functional Measuring Instrument

Part Number 0563 4001

This product is now obsolete.

Testo 400, multi-functional measuring instrument, including measurement value store up to 500,000 readings, VAC-module (determination of volume flow with error calc.), battery, Li-cell and calibration protocol.

Complex but not complicated The instrument recognises the respective probe connected and shows the next possible steps in the display.

Measurement data processing with "Retrieval guarantee" - Filing is in a clear tree structure with "Retrieval guarantee" \endash in a large display and, of course, on your PC.

Data memory for monitoring processes - A data memory with up to 48,000 readings is available for long-term measurement. All relevant parameters such as start and finish of measurement, measurement intervals, limits exceeded and date/time can be programmed as required.

  VAC module for evaluating the measurement directly on site with integrated inaccuracy calulation
  Assessment of measurement directly on site with built-in uncertainty calculation
  Display with calculated degree of turbulence, mean air velocity and air temperature
  10.0 % turbulence
  0.26 m/s
  24.4 °C
  Data communication via PC
  User friendly operation with cursor via menu structure

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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