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TSI Quest
TSI Quest

Part of the world-renowned TSI Instruments group, the TSI Quest range provides a portfolio of industry-leading instrumentation, including the heat stress monitor QUESTemp products.

The TSI Quest range also includes products such as Personal Noise Dosimeters, Sound Level Meters, Heat Stress Monitors and Indoor Air Quality/Particulate Monitors.

With TSI Quest, you can continue to expect the highest quality performance from TSI instruments along with high-class service.

TSI QUESTemp 32/34/36
TSI QUESTemp 44/46/48N

Testo Index

Testo is the world's leading manufacturer in the production of test and measurement instrumentation.

With years of experience, Testo develops solutions for a wide range of applications that require measurement. The endless number of solutions provided has gained more and more customers each and every year, who all benefit from the Testo range.

Testo provides a wide range of portable and stationary instruments for many parameters and applications including; temperature, humidity, velocity, pressure, refrigeration, flue gas, water analysis, light and RPM.

174-H Mini Temperature & Humidity Data Logger
174-T Mini Temperature Data Logger
175-H Humidity Data Logger
175-T Temperature Data Logger
176 H1/176 H2 Humidity Data logger
176-T Temperature Data Logger
230 pH Measuring Instrument & Thermometer
319 Virtual Inspection Tool
425 Thermal Anemometer
460 RPM Measuring Instrument
465 RPM Measuring Instrument
470 RPM Measuring Instrument
476 Handheld Stroboscope
480 Multi-Function VAC Measuring Instrument
540 Light Intensity Measuring Instrument
545 Light Meter
550 Digital Manifold
557 Digital Manifold
570 Digital Manifold
606 Wood & Material Moisture Meter
616 Wood & Material Moisture Meter
622 Humidity/Temperature/Pressure Measuring Instrument
623 Temperature/Humidity Measuring Instrument
645 Humidity & Temperature Measuring Instrument
650 Reference Humidity Measuring Instrument
6681 Humidity Transmitter
6740 Dewpoint Transmitter
720 Temperature Measuring Instrument
810 Temperature Measuring Instrument
830 Infrared Thermometer
835 Infrared Thermometer
845 Infrared Temperature Measuring Instrument
922 Temperature Measuring Instrument


LSI LASTEM is an Italian company who specialises in the design and manufacture of high specification environmental monitoring systems.

Instruments that LSI LASTEM have designed are suitable for almost every type of application imaginable. They offer precise and trustworthy measurement of all sorts of environmental parameters. LSI LASTEM equipment is suitable for both for temporary and long-term monitoring plus also for indoor and outdoor use.

As well as the sensors, LSI LASTEM has produced a comprehensive range of data loggers, software and accessories, so users have everything they need.

Two comparable products available are the 3M QT34 and 3M QT36. However, these products cannot perform measurements at three levels. No other products other than LSI LASTEM can perform measurement at three positions, as LSI LASTEM have a wireless solution.

LSI LASTEM comply with the following regulations:

  ISO7243 Estimation of the Heat stress on working man based on WBGT index
  ISO7730 PMV Predicted mean vote
  ISO7730 PPD Predicted % of dissatisfied
  ISO7730 DR Predicted % of dissatisfied by draught
  ISO7730 TO Operative temperature
  ISO 11079 ITR required thermal insulation
  ISO7933:2004PHS Predicted heat strain


  ISO7726 Thermal environments - Instruments and method for measuring physical quantities

Portable "All-in-One" Instruments

Heat Shield Portable Wireless WBGT Meter

Data Loggers

E-Log Environmental Data Logger
M-Log Mini Data Logger
R-Log Radio Data Logger


3DOM Software
GidasADM Odour Dispersion Program
Penman Evapotranspiration
TEA (Thermal Environments Application)


"All-in One" Weather Sensor
Automatic Evaporimeter
Barometric Pressure Sensors
Compact Anemometer
Compact Wind Vane
Masts For Sensors And Data Logger Installation
Rain Gauge
Snow Level Sensor
Soil Temperature Sensors
Standard Anemometers (Direct Output)
Temperature And Relative Humidity Inside Materials
Thermohygrometers (Direct Input & Analogue)
Ultrasonic Anemometer (Digital Output)
Visibility Sensor
Water Level Sensors
Wind Vanes

Indicators and Signals Conditioning Units

CAO Display Units

Part Number Index

Part Number Index

Michell Instruments Index

Michell Instruments is the international leader in the field of moisture and humidity measurement solutions. With over 30 years experience, Michell designs and manufactures a wide range of transmitters, instruments and system solutions capable of measuring trace moisture, humidity and dew point in a vast range of applications and industries ranging from compressed air, power generation, process, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and many more.

With a fast growing international subsidiary and distribution network, the Michell Group provides solutions in moisture and humidity to the most demanding customers across the globe.

Cermet II Hygrometer

Easidew Desiccator

Easidew Portable

Easidew PRO XP Transmitter

MDM25 Hand-Held Hygrometer

MDM300 Advanced Dew-Point Hygrometer

OptiPEAK TDL600 TDLAS Analyser


Cermax I.S

Cropico Index

Cropico designs and manufactures a wide range of specialist products which cater for a huge array of different precision measurement applications.

Resistance measurement - The comprehensive range of Cropico's digital milliohmmeters focuses on the highly accurate precision measurement of low resistance values in a wide variety of industrial, electrical and engineering applications. The range of ohmmeters includes microhmmeters, milliohmmeters, digital and portable ohmmeters.

Temperature measurement - Highly accurate digital thermometers and thermocouples are also manufactured by Cropico, along with PT25/PT100 sensors for use in laboratories of calibration as well as in applications associated with the petrochemical. aerospace and pharmaceutical and other process industry sectors.

Decade Boxes and Resistance standards - For calibration of laboratory or workplace equipment and precision measurement applications.

Cable clamps and testers - Cropico also manufactures a range of cable and harness testers for a wide range of applications.

Temperature Measurement

Series 3000 Digital Thermometer

Ecom Instruments Index

Ecom Instruments is a specialist in the area of Intrinsically Safe Equipment, manufacturing numerous devices to be utilised within a multitude of hazardous areas. Such areas include pharmaceutical, mining, chemicals, oil, gas and mining.

The innovative products are designed and built to the highest of standards, whilst maintaining the highest amount of functionality and using the very latest technology for explosive protection.

If your daily operation involves complying with the ATEX and DSEAR directives, Ecom Instruments can provide you with intrinsically safe hazardous area equipment that you or your engineers/operators will find beyond invaluable.

The Ecom Instruments range includes ATEX certified mobile phones, radios, handheld computers, laptops, multimeters, ultrasonic wall thickness gauges, torches and inspection lamps.

One of the biggest product areas of Ecom Instruments is intrinsically safe mobile phones. Communication within hazardous areas is vital for both reasons of safety and efficiency. Ecom's mobile phones provide users with an invaluable tool. Whether you need a mobile phone for dust hazards or Zone 1 applications, there is an instrument suitable for you.

In order to maximise the coverage of our mobile phones within the communication networks, Ecom's mobile phones are supplied SIM-card free and are compatible with every major mobile phone network in the United Kingdom.

Try Ecom's mobile solutions for yourself!

Measurement & Calibration

Ex-MP4a Non-Contact Temperature Meter
Ex-Time 40 I.S. Wall Clock
FLUKE 28 II Ex Multimeter
FLUKE 568 EX Infrared Thermometer

Coliy Technology Index

Coliy Technology has become the world leader in design innovation and technology optimisation in the field of industrial component analysis and industrial automation products.

Founded in 1995 and located in Dusseldorf, Germany, Coliy Technology now has manufacturing facilities in both Germany and Asia.

An important landmark in the growth of Coliy Technology occurred in 1996, when Coliy Technology produced the first high performance microwave moisture analyser. Under a decade later, Coliy Technology produced a new generation microwave moisture analyser, using a new advanced processing chip, with an operational speed 5 times faster than previous models.

Since then, Coliy Technology has continued to develop a new generation of moisture analysers and environment protection instruments, such as portable radiation detectors.

The mission of Coliy Technology is and always will be to become the world leader in industrial component analysis and industrial automation products. Also, the company aims to provide accurate and reliable measurement and optimum product quality at a reasonable price.

Keison Products is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Coliy Technology in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Latin America and the United States of America.

Moisture Analysers

M50S Microwave Moisture Analyser

M160S Microwave Moisture Analyser

M300 Microwave Moisture Analyser

S300 On-Line Solid Moisture Analyser


G90 Series (G91, G92 & G93) Handheld Hall Gaussmeters

Electromagnetic Field Intensity Spectrum Analysers

E Series (E61, E62, E71, E72 & E73) Electromagnetic Field Intensity Spectrum Analysers


G100 Handheld Gaussmeter

Eurotron Index

For Eurotron, the term "quality" is a concept with precise concrete values, which apply to all aspects of the company's business.

Eurotron is also highly committed to market relations. In fact, it offers its exclusive sector know-how, gives advice in order to optimize application choices, provides complete detailed documentation on every subject regarding its expert fields, and organizes training and refresher courses for its customers' technician.

Automation IR Thermometers

MiniRay Infrared Thermometer

Process IR Thermometers

IRtec Pro 880

IRtec Pro 1100, 1330 & 2200

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