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Testo 845 Infrared Temperature Measuring Instrument

Testo 845, infrared temperature measuring instrument with cross-laser sighting, switchable optics for far-field and close focus measurement, contact temperature probe attachable, optical/audible alarm, reading memory, PC software incl. USB data transfer cable, aluminium case, battery and calibration protocol

The Testo 845 is a milestone in non-contact temperature measurement.

For the first time, surface temperatures with smallest diameters can be measured accurately at short and long distances. The switchable optics for far-field and close focus measurement make this possible. Testo 845 is equipped with an optical resolution of 75:1 for far-field measurements. Surface temperatures can be measured accurately even at great distances from the object to be measured.

At a distance of 1.2 metres from the object to be measured, the measuring spot diameter is only 16 mm. A cross laser marks the measuring spot exactly during measurement.

Incorrect measurements are eliminated - you always know exactly where you are measuring. The close focus optics allow the measurement of temperatures on the smallest surfaces with a diameter of just 1 mm and a distance of 70 mm! Two lasers mark the measuring spot exactly.

  Switchable optics for far-field measurements (75:1) and close focus (1 mm, 70 mm distance)
  Especially bright cross laser sighting for indicating the actual measuring point
  Reference accuracy ± 0.75 °C with super-fast measurement technololgy (scanning 100 ms)
  Backlit display (3-line), shows °C, min./max. values, alarm limit values and emissivity; in addition display with humidity module: %RH, °Ctd
  Optical and audible alarm when limit values are exceeded
  Probe socket for TC probes for determining emissivity
  Instrument memory for 90 measurement protocols
  PC software for archiving and documenting measurement data (included in delivery)
  Tripod fitting for online measurement via USB cable (included in delivery)
  Measurement data documentation on site with Testo report printer
  Aluminium case for instrument and accessories (included)

Data Sheet

Ordering Information

Testo 845 0563 8450
Testo 845 with integrated humidity module 0563 8451

Accessories for measuring instrument

Humidity module, upgradeable for Testo 845 0636 9784
Plug-in mains adapter, 5 VDC 500 mA with European adapter, 100-250 VAC, 50-60 Hz 0554 0447
External fast charger for 1-4 AA rech. batteries, incl. 4 Ni-MH rech. batteries with individual cell charging and charge control display, incl. impulse trickle charging, integrated discharge function, with built-in international mains plug, 100-240 V, 300 mA, 50/60 Hz 0554 0610
Testo fast printer with wireless infrared interface, 1 roll thermal paper and 4 AA batteries 0554 0549
Spare thermal paper for printer (6 rolls), permanent ink 0554 0568
Testo saline pots for control and humidity adjustment of humidity probes, 11.3 %RH and 75.3 %RH with adapter for humidity probe 0554 0660
Adhesive tape, e.g. for bare surfaces (roll, L.: 10 m, W.: 25 mm), E = 0.95, temperature resistant to +250 °C 0554 0051
Silicone heat paste (14g), Tmax = +260°C, improves heat transfer in surface probes 0554 0004

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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