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Vibration Meters

Castle Group was founded in early 1971. The original company aim was to design and manufacture electronic instruments, along with undertaking custom design work.

One of the first custom design tasks was a contract won to design and manufactuer a sound level indicator for the Open University. This led to the supply of over 7000 meters which was then coupled with direct commercial sales of around 20,000 meters. This made the CS15C sound level indicator the best selling sound measurement product ever.

The incredible growth of this product saw Castle Group grow into a recognised and respected brand in the noise measurement industry.

Castle Group today have maintained that recognition and respect, with the product line revamped and modernised, with the main focus being the measurement of sound levels and vibration levels.

Vibration Level Meters

GA2002 and GA2003 Vibration Meters

GA2005 Pro-DX Excieo Human & Environmental Vibration Meter

GA2006H VEXO H Hand Arm Vibration Meter

GA2006S VEXO S Single Axis Machinery Vibration Meter

GA2007 ULTIMUS Human Vibration Meter

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