Carbolite CAF 16/38 Ash Fusibility Test Furnace

Carbolite CAF 16/38 Ash Fusibility Test Furnace

The Carbolite CAF 16/38 Ash Fusibility Test Furnace is designed to test coal ash fusibility according to BS ISO 540:2008.

Key Features

  • To determine coal ash fusibility
  • Suitable for testing to BS ISO 540:2008
  • A single sample may be tested
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The CAF 16/38 requires manual observation and recording of the transition points. In addition, a CAF furnace with automated digital image capture and archiving using Windows compatible software, the Coal Ash Fusibility Test Furnaces CAF G5, is available.

Standard features

  • • Tests can be run up to 1600°C
  • • User defined temperature ramp
  • • Sealed work-tube for use with fail-safe gas control mechanism for use with toxic and inflammable gas mixtures
  • • The sliding and rotating door mechanism provides unrestricted access for sample loading
  • • Supplied complete with sample holder, mounting tiles and loading tool
  • • Programmed ramping to the test starting temperature
  • • Reducing gas 50% (v/v) H2 + 50% (v/v) CO2, Oxidising gas CO2, Purge gas CO2

  • CAF1638B-230SN CAF 16/38 1600°C, 38mm Ø, Coal & Coke Testing Tube Furnace (220 - 240 V -SR-single phase + N)