Corpro FC 6100 FitCheck

Corpro FC 6100 FitCheck

The Corpro FC6100 is the world’s first in-mask quantitative fit-check system. The FC6100 series of FitCheck devices include the FC6110 on filter and FC6120 in-mask systems.

  • FC6110 on filter & FC6120 in-mask systems
  • Engineered for Fit
  • Recorded for Fit
  • Monitored for Fit
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Performance is at the heart of Corpro. Used in conjunction with a recognised Fit Test program the FC6100 range of products is designed to indicate to the user that an adequate seal has been made, each and every time the mask is worn. The system checks not only the face seal but the whole mask system for breaches that could cause leaks during use.

The FC6100 system records every fit check. Whether connected to the FitCheck® app or not, each pass or fail is stored directly to the devices memory. The app can be used to record and send results to your own systems or to the optional FitCheck® Cloud service for storage and further analysis.

The FC6120 in-mask system has additional features that allow the continued monitoring of the mask during use. The system indicates when there may have been a seal breach, prompting the user to undertake further fit checks during mask usage. When connected to the FitCheck® Cloud, the masks systems can be monitored from any connected internet portal.


FC6100 Range - FitCheck

Product Pack Type Product Code Pack Size
FC6110 – On-Filter System Basic 6100-001-P00001 1
FC6110 – On-Filter System Advanced 6100-001-P00002 1
FC6110 – On-Filter System Light Extender 6100-001-P00005 1
FC6120 – In-Mask System Basic 6100-001-P00003 1
FC6120 – In-Mask System Advanced 6100-001-P00004 1
Both FC6110 and FC6120 Filter Closure 6100-001-P00006 1
Both FC6110 and FC6120 Advanced Storage 6100-001-P00007 1