Corpro HM 1400 Half Mask

Corpro HM 1400 Half Mask

The Corpro HM 1400’s low resistance airflow system makes breathing easy, while its swept back filter position and lightweight construction combines into a low burden, highly optimised Half Mask.

  • Engineered for Performance
  • Designed for Comfort
  • Ultra Low Breathing Resistance
  • Increased Versatility
  • Fully Compatible
  • E‍‍‍asily Maintained
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Using anthropometric design and strategic material selection, Corpro have built comfort into the design of the HM 1400 Half Mask. The elastomeric oronasal is combined with three sizes of fit profile to create a secure, comfortable fit over extended usages


HM1400 - Half Mask

Size Product Code Standards Pack Size
Small 1400-001-P00001 EN136:1998; AS/NZ1716:2012 27
Medium 1400-001-P00002 EN136:1998; AS/NZ1716:2012 27
Large 1400-001-P00003 EN136:1998; AS/NZ1716:2012 27