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Crowcon Detective Plus Transportable Multi-Gas Area Monitor

  Loud and bright alarms
  Inherently rugged and reliable
  Wide sensor options including infra-red
  Built-in pump option
  Folding or fixed legs

When property and lives are at uncertainty where you require gas detection equipment which is fully reliable. For over 40 years, Crowcon has manufactured and developed great quality products with the reputation for technical innovation and reliability. Crowcon offers both multiple and single gas gas monitors for portable and personal safety applications, giving protection from the wide range of industrial hazards of gas. For use in utility, gas applications and oil, the Detective Plus owes its design to the hugely successful Triple Plus Multigas Monitor. The Detective Plus provides a clear and loud alarm, offering a very effective warning of the gas hazards. It is a good choice for the transportable needs of gas detection.

Superb pedigree

  Detective Plus is based on the highly successful Triple Plus+ multi-gas monitor which has sold over 55,000 units worldwide

Versatile and user friendly

  Infra-red sensors available - allows sampling of potentially high - flammable gas levels and CO2 - infra-red sensors are unaffected by - poisoning
  Built-in pump option provides fast response and extra sensor protection
  Display provides clear information, allows identification of gas hazard
  Easy tracking of multiple hazards
  Up to 60 hour battery operation
  Wide range of toxic gas sensors available

Extremely loud and clear alarms

  Wailing omni-directional siren, 104 dBA @1 metre
  High intensity red LED clusters provide visual alarm indication
  All linked Detective+ units indicate an alarm sensed by any one unit
  Units actually sensing alarm have faster LED flash
  Audible and visible confidence blip
  Time weighted average alarms for 8 hours and 15 minutes averages

Crowcon Detective Plus

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Uniquely rugged, tripod construction

  Detectors are fully protected, even if device is overturned
  Raised detectors prevent water ingress
  Easy and quick to set up
  Folding or fixed leg options provide easy storage and transportation

Detective Net 433

The interconnecting cable that connects Detectives and Detective Pluses can be replaced by the Detective Net, which is a wireless module that will transmit both gas alert and other types of signal wirelessly, using a 433MHz signal. This can be completed with up to 100 metres of distance. Using the proven RICOCHET mesh network, the Detective Net even selects the best line automatically in order to provide the strongest interconnections. Should the connection between two units weaken or fail, the Detective Net will automatically re-route communications using alternative RICOCHET enabled devices. This creates a mesh type network that offers a more robust wireless network.

Data Sheet
Data Sheet (Old Version)
User Manual

Ordering Information

Detective Plus

DSU-01-XX-R 4 gas - CH4 % LEL, O2, H2S, CO (H2 filtered)non-pumped, standard battery with rigid legs
DEU-01-XX-R 4 gas - CH4 % LEL, O2, H2S, CO (H2 filtered) non-pumped, extended battery with rigid legs
DSU-02-XX-R 3 gas - CH4 % LEL, O2, H2S non-pumped, standard battery with rigid legs
DEU-02-XX-R 3 gas - CH4 % LEL, O2, H2S non-pumped, extended battery with rigid legs
DSU-03-XX-R 3 gas - CH4 % LEL, O2, CO non-pumped, standard battery with rigid legs
DEU-03-XX-R 3 gas - CH4 % LEL, O2, CO non-pumped, extended battery with rigid legs
DSU-04-XX-R 2 gas - CH4 % LEL, O2 non-pumped, standard battery with rigid legs
DEU-04-XX-R 2 gas - CH4 % LEL, O2 non-pumped, extended battery with rigid legs
DSU-05-XX-R 1 gas - CH4 % LEL non-pumped, standard battery with rigid legs
DEU-06-XX-R 1 gas - CH4 % LEL non-pumped, extended battery with rigid legs

Detective Plus IR

DSU-07-XX-R 4 gas - Flam IR CH4 0-100% LEL, O2, H2S,CO (H2 filtered) non-pumped, standard battery with rigid legs
DSU-08-XX-R 2 gas - Flam IR CH4 0-100% LEL, O2 non-pumped, standard battery with rigid legs

Detective Plus Accessories

C01325 Baffle plate to protect sensor apertures
C011033 Detective plus water trap
E07394 Computer lead assembly
E070010 Inter-connecting lead, 10m (M to M connection)
E070011 Inter-connecting lead, 20m (F to M connection)
E070012 Inter-connecting lead, 20m (M to M connection)
C02097 USB to RS232 adapter
C01832 Portables PC software CD

Detective Plus Spares

E07390 Charging lead (no plug)
C03464 EU charging lead
C03465 US charging lead
C03466 UK charging lead
E07391 Charging socket
M01540 Charger socket cover
M04383 Gasket for charger socket cover (minimum order quantity 10)
M03334 Grub screw for charger socket cover (minimum order quantity 10)
S012078 Detective Plus interface socket
S012079 Detective Plus computer socket
M04961 Moulded socket cover (interconnect and computer sockets)
M04398 Retaining strap for socket covers (minimum order quantity 10)
M03405 Retaining strap fastener (minimum order quantity 10)
S01326/3 Main PCB
M01893 Main PCB chassis
S011392/E Display PCB ATEX English
S011392/F Display PCB ATEX French
S011392/D Display PCB ATEX Dutch
E07064 Display PCB loom
M01512 Flow adapter recess strip
M03800 Flow adapter recess strip screw
S011981 Detective Plus float chamber assembly
C011050 Calibration adaptor
S011997 DTV+ lower case assembly repair kit
S011998 DTV+upper case assembly repair kit
M04906 Case lower
M04905 Case upper
M03723 Case retaining bolt
M04329 Top gasket sealing strip (per meter)
M04114 Inner gasket tape (per meter)
M041129 New case gasket, improved sealing compared to tape
M01441 Pipe adaptor (trained service centers only)
M04289 Lamp cover
M04315 Lamp cover retainer
E01718 Membrane switch/label, Detective Plus
E01924 Membrane switch/label, Detective Plus IR
M05478 Top label protective film (minimum order quantity 4)
M05972 Detective Plus label set (replacement only - serial number must be given at time of order)
M05493 Detective Plus charger interface label
S01266 Sensor blanking plug
E01956 Banshee sounder (grey)
E01992 E2S Sounder (red)
M04991 Banshee sounder muting cover
M04992 E2S sounder muting cover
S011969 Pump assembly (spare only)
S012000/2 LED cluster (single)�
E07972 Lamp connection lead�
E07065 LED loom
M04907 Lamp cover
M03336 Lamp cover retaining bolts
M04956 Lamp cover bolt washer
M03624 M8 lock nut (minimum order quantity 10)
S011951 Battery pack 7.2Ahr 36 hour
S011989 Battery pack 12Ahr 60 hour
S011988 36hr battery upgrade kit
S011990 60hr battery upgrade kit
M04596 Lamp cover seal (16mm rubber bung)
C011051 Tool kit
M07665 Detective Plus manual French
M07666 Detective Plus manual Dutch
M07674 Detective Plus manual Spanish
M07663 Detective Plus IR manual English
M07667 Detective Plus IR manual French
M07668 Detective Plus IR manual Dutch

Rigid Frame Units

M04013 Detective Plus metal frame assembly (includes legs, handle and plate)
M04381 Saddle washer
M03670 Button head bolt, M6 x 30 (minimum order quantity 10)
M03437 Washer (minimum order quantity 10)
M03442 Shakeproof washer (minimum order quantity 10)
M04387 Tube end round (minimum order quantity 10)

Folding Frame Units

S011970 Leg assembly
M03670 Leg hinge bolt (minimum order quantity 10)
M04901 Frame support bracket
M01890 Handle
M04904 Handle grip
M04902 Top retainer
M03801 Top retainer fixing screw (minimum order quantity 10)
M03415 Screw M6 x 3/8 Pozi pan self tapper (minimum order quantity 10)

Trained service centre only

E01066 Fuse 62MA I.S. encapsulated
DE0104 Fuse 100MA encapsulated
E01120 Fuse 250MA encapsulated
E01118 Fuse 375MA encapsulated

Detective Plus Sensor Modules

S011375/AA 0-100% LEL methane
S011375/AB 0-100% LEL propane
S011375/AC 0-100% LEL pentane
S011375/AD 0-100% LEL butane
S011375/AE 0-100% LEL ethylene
S011375/AF 0-100% LEL hydrogen
S011375/USA 0-100% LEL flammable gas (USA alarms UL approval specify calibration)
S011375/KDF 0-100% LEL flammable gas (AUS alarms specify calibration)
S011957 0-100% LEL methane for dual range % LEL/% vol. units
S01423 0-100% vol. methane for dual range % LEL/% vol. units
S01852†† 0-100% LEL jet fuel vapour (limited availability - check prior to quotation)
S011371 0-25% oxygen - 2 year sensor
S011368†† 0-500ppm carbon monoxide (H2 compensated)
S01240 0-50ppm hydrogen sulphide
S01240/USA 0-50ppm hydrogen sulphide (US Alarms, UL approval)
S01240/KDF 0-50ppm hydrogen sulphide (AUS alarms)
S011219 0-10ppm sulphur dioxide (hydrogen sulphide immune)
S01250 0-2000ppm hydrogen
S011363 0-100ppm nitric oxide
S01244 0-10ppm nitrogen dioxide†
S012040 0-5ppm chlorine† (UK alarm levels)
S01829 0-5ppm chlorine†
S011369 0-10ppm hydrogen chloride†/††
S01725 0-25ppm hydrogen cyanide
S01726 0-50ppm ammonia
S011848 0-1000ppm ammonia
S01871 0-1ppm chlorine dioxide†
S012042 0-2ppm phosphine† UK alarm levels
S011045 0-1000ppm hydrogen sulphide
S01252 0-2ppm phosphine†
S011992 0-1ppm arsine
S011367 0-100ppm volatile organics††
S011366 0-10ppm ethylene oxide††
S01832 0-10ppm hydrogen fluoride†
S011966 0-10ppm fluorine†
S011971 0-4% hydrogen electrochemical0-4% hydrogen electrochemical
S011474 Screw fixing kit

Detective Plus IR Sensor Modules

S011316/U 0-100% LEL methane IR (UL)
S011316/A 0-100% LEL methane IR (ATEX)
S011317/U Dual range 0-100% LEL and 0-100% vol. methane IR (UL)
S011317/A Dual range 0-100% LEL and 0-100% vol. methane IR (ATEX)
S011318 0-100% LEL propane
S011319 Dual range 0-100% LEL and 0-100% vol. propane IR
S011320 0-100% LEL butane IR
S011321 Dual range 0-100% LEL and 0-100% vol. butane IR
S011322 0-100% LEL ethylene IR
S011323 Dual range 0-100% LEL and 0-100% vol. ethylene IR
S011790 0-100% LEL acetylene IR
S011792 Dual range 0-100% LEL and 0-100% vol. acetylene IR
S011389 0-5% vol. carbon dioxide

Detective Net

C01360 � Detective NET�433MHz (comes with 0.7M of cable)
C01360-1 Detective NET 433MHz (comes with 0.7M of cable - when sold with a Detective+)

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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