Mettler Toledo Density2Go

Mettler Toledo Density2Go

Designed to fit comfortably in the hand, the lightweight METTLER TOLEDO Density2Go allows for one-handed density measurement in the lab or on-the-go. Results are temperature-compensated and can be delivered in specific gravity, Brix, American Petroleum Institute (API) units, and many more.

  • Portable Refractometry
  • Density and Refractometry
  • Portable pH Meters
  • Service


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Portable Refractometry The Refracto 30PX/30GS returns accurate and precise results within seconds, displayed in the measurement units needed. A handheld and benchtop refractometer in one, the measuring cell can be immersed directly into the sample – or can be used on the bench.

Density and Refractometry The versatile METTLER TOLEDO LiquiPhysics Excellence System is the perfect choise for quality monitoring of liquids. It includes density meters and refractometers, and can be automated and upgraded for simultaneous determination of additional parameters such as pH and more.

Portable pH Meters Ideally suited for mobile applications in the laboratory, at-line, or outdoors, the FiveGo™ and Seven2Go™ portable instruments provide high quality pH/mV, conductivity or dissolved oxygen measurements with the simple click of a button

Service Regular maintenance and calibration by manufacturer-trained technicians ensures accurate and reliable measurements, reduces costs associated with unexpected downtime and helps to extend the lifetime of your device.