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Drager Saver PP

Drager has built its reputation upon supplying technically advanced products that are of the highest quality. In fact, the name Drager is synonymous with safety.

The Saver range of Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus adopts these principles to give you complete peace of mind. This means that if and when you need it, you'll be guaranteed that the Saver PP will carry out its task effectively and efficiently. Above all, it will provide the wearer with the utmost in respiratory protection.

The Saver PP has evolved through a combination of technical refinement and customer consultation. A positive pressure Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus has been developed using leading edge technology. Essentially, it's been designed to provide safe and unhampered escape from hazardous environments where breathing has become difficult or endangered.

Improved breathing characteristics

The same pneumatic principles that are used on the PA90 plus, have been adapted for use throughout the Saver range. This provides extremely low breathing resistance and a consistent air flow rate at all cylinder pressure levels.

Simple instant activation

The unit is activated when the carrying system is opened. It can be simply re-set in the event of false alarm.

High Visibility

The unit is contained in an instantly recognisable orange carrying bag, incorporating photoluminescent panels. This allows the unit to be seen at very low ambient light and visibility levels.

Simple inspection

The pressure gauge can be inspected without any dismantling or adjustments to the unit, due to a transparent viewing window located on the outside of the bag. This allows for quick and simple low cylinder contents checks.

Simple Charging

The cylinder can be charged using standard charging connectors with no special tools or adaptors.

Compatible Safety

The Saver PP has been especially designed to be used in conjunction with other forms of Personal Protective Equipment like safety helmets and ear protectors, with little or no encumbrance.


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Pneumatic Design

Utilises the Drager balanced first stage reducer with excellent flow characteristics. The positive pressure Lung Demand Valve has a balanced piston design, is first breath activated and extremely quiet in use.

Facemask Design

The Saver PP comes equipped with the Panorama Nova facemask, providing low exhalation resistance, a close and comfortable fit and a self demisting visor for clear vision.

Carrying Bag

The high visibility orange carrying bag incorporates photoluminescent panels, is interchangeable for either chestbag or bandolier wearing positions. It's also washable, flame retardant and waterproof.


A full range of accessories are available for use with the Saver PP including:-

  Storage cabinets for both indoor and outdoor use
  Safety wash
  Waistbelt to prevent excessive movement when set is worn in 'ready' position
  Anti-Static bag for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
  Spare Cylinders
  Anti-Tamper Tag

Fully approved

The Drager Saver PP provides breathing air for 10 or 15 minutes, according to cylinder size and is fully approved to EN402.

Low cost of ownership

No mandatory routine service is required for a period of 10 years.

Compact design

The Saver PP is extremely compact in design providing greater freedom of movement.

Ordering Information

Soft Bag Versions

Saver PP 10 3359746

Saver PP 15 3359747

Saver PP 10 - A 3359754

Saver PP 15 - A 3359755

Hard Case Versions

Saver PP 10 - HC 3359751

Saver PP 15 - HC 3359752

Saver PP 10 - A HC 3359759

Saver PP 15 - A HC 3359760

Spare Compressed Air Cylinders (PP Range)

Saver PP 10 3350410

Saver PP 15 3350209


Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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