Drager X-am 8000

Drager X-am 8000 Multi-Gas Detection Device

Clearance measurement was never this easy and convenient: The Drager X-am 8000 1 to 7 gas detector detects toxic and flammable gases as well as vapours and oxygen all at once - either in pump or diffusion mode. Innovative signalling design and handy assistant functions ensure complete safety throughout the process.

Supplied With

Specially designed for use with a pump, optimised for clearance measurement The X-am 8000 is equipped with a very powerful pump. It can be connected with hoses of up to 45 metres in length. A pump adapter makes it easy to switch between diffusion and pump mode at any time. This means the pump is only operated when you actually need it. That saves energy, reduces wear and tear, and thereby extends the lifespan of the pump. Handy and durable, the X-am 8000 is intuitive to operate single-handedly using three function keys. The easy-to-read colour display clearly lays out all the information for you. Standard accessories include a sturdy shoulder strap, so you can comfortably carry the X-am 8000. Thanks to its compact and robust construction, the device can withstand even the harshest conditions.

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Clearance measurement, release and documentation in no time

The X-am 8000 effectively supports various applications with specially developed assistant functions that guide you through each process step by step. During clearance measurement, for example, the smart assistant calculates the necessary flooding time for the device and probe (FKM hose) based on parameters such as measuring gases, temperature limits, and the indicated hose length.

When monitoring for possibly high methane concentrations, an optional automatic measurement range switch makes it easier to take a reading: if the Cat-Ex sensor measures values above 100% LEL, the display switches to the range of 0 to 100 vol%.

An additional useful tool is CSE Connect. It combines an Android app, specially designed for the X-am 8000, with a cloud-computing solution. Measuring jobs can be quickly and easily transferred to the app using an online application. An optional Bluetooth module in the X-am 8000 enables measured values to be transferred automatically to the CSE Connect app. You can also easily and conveniently use the app to create measurement reports. This saves time and helps you manage your measuring tasks during clearance measurements more efficiently.

Economical Fleet Management

Bumptest and calibration are carried out simply and quickly using the X-dock calibrating station. Its low test gas consumption keeps operating costs to a minimum.

Its reporting function and numerous other useful features make the X-dock Manager PC software a smart addition to any fleet management operation. To identify the devices in the fleet, you can either use tried and tested barcodes or an integrated RFID transponder.

Inductive charging protects against wear and tear

The X-am 8000 features inductive charging. This makes it easier to operate and increases the lifespan of the device. Issues like corrosion and contact problems in the charging cradle are a thing of the past. You can charge (outside of explosion-hazard zones) and measure at once, e.g, when in use inside vehicles or on machinery.

The charging cradle can connect with one another, taking up minimal space, and are compatible with existing X-am series cradles.

Clear signalling design

The signal system of the X-am 8000 is based on a clear colour code, in accordance with the requirements of the EN 60079-29-1, EN 45544-1 and EN 50104:

- Red light = gas alarm
- Yellow light = device-related alarm, e.g. low battery
- Green light = device is ready for use

The green glow of the D-light allows you to see from a distance whether the device has been properly tested and is ready for use.

In case of an alarm, the X-am 8000 alerts you with colourful alarm LEDs, a loud horn (100 dB(A) at a distance of 30 cm), and clearly palpable vibration. Optionally, four preset hazard symbols are available for the display which explicitly indicate the presence of explosive or toxic gas hazards, for example. This allows the user to easily recognise the type of hazard based purely on the symbol displayed.

The X-am 8000 is equipped with an impact detection system. The event report indicates whenever severe mechanical impacts have occurred that might result in functional impairments of the device or the sensors.

These are also documented in the data logger. With this information, a device attendant can specifically check the device.

Specialist for high and low hydrocarbon concentrations

To measure hard-to-detect hydrocarbons, you can fit the X-am 8000 with one of two high-performance PID sensors. The PID HC covers a measurement range of 0 to 2,000 ppm (Isobutene). The PID LC ppb is particularly suited for a measurement range of 0 to 10 ppm (Isobutene) with a high resolution in the range below 1 ppm.

For benzene-specific measurements, the X-am 8000 can be used with a pre-tube. The advantage: you only need one measuring device for this application, which significantly reduces the costs of purchasing, maintaining and transporting devices in use. The use of the pre-tubes is supported by a built-in assistant.

Drager X-am 8000 (Construction kit)
Incl. adjustable alarm levels to country specific standards. At least one sensor must be chosen.

Drager X-am 8000 Basic Diffusion
Identical to Drager X-am 8000 incl. Li-Ion battery, shoulder strap, manufacturer certificate. Without pump, sensors, inductive power unit, power supply.

Drager X-am 8000 Basic Pump Identical to Drager X-am 8000 incl. Li-Ion battery, pump, pump adapter, shoulder strap, manufacturer certificate. Without sensors, inductive power unit, power supply.

Sensors (1-5 Sensors selectable) max. 7 gases

DragerSensor Dual IR Ex/CO2 6811960
DragerSensor IR CO2 6812190
DragerSensor IR Ex 6812180
DragerSensor CatEx 125 PR 6812950
DragerSensor CatEx 125 PR Gas 6813080
DragerSensor PID LC ppb 6813500 
DragerSensor PID HC 681347

Charging Accessories

Inductive power unit (for charging of 1 device) 8325825
Power supply (worldwide) (up to 2 devices) 8315635
Power supply (worldwide) (up to 5 devices) 8316994 
Car adapter 12V/24V (up to 5 devices) 4530057 
Car mounting unit (for 1 Inductive power unit) 8327636 


Rubber boot, removeable 8325858
Leather bag (device) 8327664 
Drager X-am 8000 case, plastic, black (w/o content) 8327661 
Drager X-am 8000 case with PID accessories & tubes and ES 150 probe 8327845 
Leather bag set PID 8327664 & 8327663 8327639 
Display protection foil (3 pcs.) 8326828 
Shoulder strap, compl. (delivery content) 8326823 
Side carrying strap (extractable) 8323032 
Labelholder for shoulder strap (delivery content) 8326824
Label for holder, silver (5 pcs.) 8327645 
Base, to raise the device for Area Monitoring 8325874
RFID transponder reader 6559283 

PID accessories

Pre tube holder 6813769 
Pre tube Benzene (10 pcs.) 8103511
Pre tube humidity (10 pcs.) 8103531
Pre tube carbon (10 pcs.) CH24101 
Tube opener TO 7000 6401200 
PID lamp cleaning set 8319111 
Bag for PID Accessories & tubes 8327663 

Pump accessories

Pump adapter (delivery content with pump) 8326820 
Dust - and water filter (delivery content with pump) 8319364 
5 m FKM hose ID 3,2 mm with adapter 8325705 
10 m FKM hose ID 3,2 mm with adapter 8325706 
20 m FKM hose ID 3,2 mm with adapter 8325707 
Float probe black EPP, incl. 3 m FKM hose ID 3,2 mm 8325831 
Float probe black EPP, incl. 10 m FKM hose ID 3,2 mm 8325832
Float probe transparent with luer adapter 8327654 
Telescopic probe ES 150 8316533

Calibration accessories

Calibration adapter 8325877
Nonane checker X-am 8000 8325861 

Communication Accessories

Drager GasVision7 Licence key 8325646
USB DIRA with USB cable 8325859 

Spare parts

Li-Ion battery incl. back cover 8326817 
Front cover incl. membranes 8326802