Dry Block Heating

See our range of Dry Block Heating products. A block heater provides a source of precise heating for many sensitive analytical procedures. Through the choice of block, a variety of tubes and vessels are accommodated in a standard unit.

Grant Bio The products in the Grant bio range of block heaters are compact, flexible, easy to use systems for rapid heating and cooling of microtubes. They are very effective tools for DNA/RNA sample preparation techniques.

Techne Techne Dri-Block heaters have been providing a safe, dry, constant temperature source in the laboratory for over 50 years. Dri-Block heaters are a source of precision temperature control for general heating and incubating applications as well as sensitive analytical procedures particularly suited to microbiology and clinical laboratories.

Stuart "The Stuart range of block heaters is available in two or three block versions and dual control models, where two blocks can be held at independent temperatures. Digital models are available in 130�C or 200�C versions, with an analogue 130�C version also available.

For users who are looking to improve the speed of sample concentration, the Stuart sample concentrator is available, where a gas chamber delivers an inert gas into the sample tubes to reduce vapour concentration in the tube and encourage evaporation."

IKA IKA offers an exemplary and diverse range of dry block heaters designed to accommodate various interchangeable heating blocks. They provide precise temperature control for repeatable results.

IKA Dry Block Heating