Geotech Biogas 300

Geotech Biogas 300

Easy to self-install, operate and maintain, the BIOGAS 300 is a cost effective fixed system biogas analyser for CH4 monitoring. Ideal for 500kw or reduced scale Anaerobic Digestion plants, from agricultural to food waste typical applications

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Key Features

  • Geotech’s BIOGAS 300 fixed biogas analyser provides a single sample point monitoring for CH4
  • The BIOGAS 300 is an ideal addition to a small-scale anaerobic digestion site and farmers looking to monitor CH4 levels
  • Modbus or 4-20mA data output
  • Simple to operate – push button operation
  • 0-100% CH4 measurement
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More Features:


  • Easy to read backlit display through transparent enclosure door
  • The last reading is stored for on-screen viewing
  • Compact self-contained system
  • We offer a range of accessories available for this product




  • The BIOGAS 300 boasts an IP65 rated ABS enclosure for your peace of mind
  • No training required, simply plug in and the helpful menu will guide you through everything you need to know
  • Zero service downtime: simply swap out the internal FAU to return it for servicing, we provide you with an interim FAU in the mean time
  • The BIOGAS 300 uses field proven equipment and technology
  • Geotech makes it easy to self-install the unit quickly and easily, what’s more the user calibration is simple and straight forward