Geotech GEM5000

Geotech GEM5000 Portable Gas Extraction Monitor

The GEM5000 is an eays to read analyser designed to aid balancing the gas field, maximise power output and ultimately maximise revenue from CH4 extraction.

GEM5000 extracted gas analyser with available gas measurements of CH4, CO2 and O2

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Key Features

  • ATEX IECEx MCERTS (applied for) CSA and UKAS calibration (ISO17025) certified
  • Measures % CH4 CO2 and O2
  • Peak CH4 and CO2 gases recorded
  • Minimum O2 gas recorded
  • Records static and differential pressure
  • Calculates gas flow (m3/h) and calorific value (KW or BTU) with external gas flow device and GAM software
  • CH4 and CO2 accuracy +/-0.5% after calibration
  • Modular and upgradeable
  • 3 year warranty
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  • Landfill gas field optimisation
  • Landfill gas energy calculation
  • Flare / engine output estimation