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IKA Dispersers

ULTRA-TURRAX - the epitome of first-rate dispersing devices enable the best possible results whether used for homogenization, emulsification or suspensions.

The IKA range of dispersers are used for volumes ranging from 0.5 to 50,000 ml (H2O) and come equipped with a digital display. These dispersers offer a wide speed range up to 30,000 rpm that enables users to work at high circumferential speeds even with small rotor diameters. The high-performance drive ensures immense speed stability. Due to their broad spectrum of dispersing tools, IKA dispersers are highly effective for a variety of uses.

The unique and patented ULTRA-TURRAX Tube Drive system is the world's first disperser system with disposable and sealed sample tubes. Multiple tube styles are available for mixing, homogenizing and grinding for a variety of applications.

The magic LAB is a unique and multi-functional small-scale laboratory machine. It is designed for mixing, dispersing, wet milling and for the incorporation of powders into liquids. The magic LAB is most frequently used for the development of new products or for optimizing existing process techniques. It is an ideal machine for continuous, circulating and batch processing with interchangeable modules.

T-series | Innovative solutions for dispersion technology

T-series range of dispersers are designed for mixing and dispersing of products with a wide range of viscosities. This series of dispersers enables the best possible results for any application with improved product quality and better stability.

  Digital display for precise monitoring of set and actual speeds
  Wide selection of dispersing tools to suit your application
  Rotating knob for adjusting the speed
  Motor protection against overload
  Quick-connect coupling to exchange dispersing tools easily

Data Sheet

Ordering Information

0003737000 - T 10 basic ULTRA-TURRAX - Disperser

0004095500 - T 10 standard ULTRA-TURRAX PCR Kit - Disperser

0003720000 - T 18 digital ULTRA-TURRAX - Disperser

0009022800 - T 18 digital ULTRA-TURRAX Package - Disperser

0003725000 - T 25 digital ULTRA-TURRAX - Disperser

0003787000 - T 50 digital ULTRA-TURRAX - Disperser

0004023500 - T 65 basic ULTRA-TURRAX - Disperser

0004234500 - T 65 digital ULTRA-TURRAX - Disperser

0009023400 - T 65 basic ULTRA-TURRAX Package - Disperser

0009023500 - T 65 digital ULTRA-TURRAX Package - Disperser

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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