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MSA Altair2X Multi-Gas Detector

  Incorporate proven XCell® sensor technology
  Enhance worker safety, compliance and traceability
  Minimise cost of ownership
  Demonstrate rugged durability

The MSA Altair 2X is the first gas detector to use industry-leading XCell sensor technology as a one or two gas detector. This technology gives the user unrivalled performance, increases durability and sharply reduces the total cost of ownership.

XCell Pulse Technology is another revolutionary part of the MSA Altair 2X. The MSA Altair 2XP detector delivers the world's first stand-alone bump test, based on proven science and advanced patented sensor capabilities. This feature allows for a bump test to be performed daily, without the need for a specific calibration gas or calibration accessories.

Altair 2XP Gas Detector - with XCell Pulse Technology

First stand-alone bump test!

The bump test provided by the Altair 2XP Gas Detector is so easy to follow, that anyone from anywhere can do it. The face of portable gas detection is set to change forever, as this brand new science provides first-of-a-kind technology. A simple flow check is combined with pulse sensor interrogation, creating the first successful stand-alone bump test. The Pulse sensor interrogation begins, exhale into the unit. The result is that you are bumped!

Altair 2XT - Two-Tox Gas Detector

The need for a second detector is eliminated with the Altair 2XT detector, using proven XCell Two-Tox Sensors. Two gases are detected by the XCell Two-Tox Sensors on distinct sensor channels with digital output. This reduces cross channel interference.

Altair 2X - Single Gas Detector

XCell Sensor Technology made by MSA Safety has revolutionised gas detection. The sensor's conrolling electronics are miniturised and placed within the sensor itself, using MSA's proprietary application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) design. The XCell sensors used in the Altair 2X offer superior stability, accuracy and sensor life.

Technical Specifications

  Size 89 x 54 x 25 mm (LxwxD without clip)
  Weight 113 g w/ clip
  Housing Rugged rubberized armor
  Ingress protection IP67
  Drop test 7,6 m
  Handling one-handed, one-button operation
  Bump test indicators - Pass: Green LED flash & checkmark/Fail or expiration: Red LED flash only
  Audible alarm 95 dB at 30 cm
  Visual alarm Ultra-bright LEDs
  Vibrating alarm Standard
  Display Large-character monochrome LCD
  Backlight 10s backlight w/ adjustable timeout
  Battery Replaceable lithium battery
  Extended temp. range -20 °C to +50 °C
  Extreme range -40 °C to +60 °C
  Data log 2X/2XP: > 150 hrs/2XT: > 100 hrs
  Event log 75 events
  Standard Warranty - Chassis & electronics: 3 years, Cl2 & nh3 sensors: 2 years and all other sensors: 3 years. Does not cover consumable parts.

Features & Benefits

  Low cost of ownership
  Fastest sensor response times, lowest calibration gas flow rate on the market
  4-year expected instrument & sensor life
  3-year warranty on instrument & most sensors (2 years on Cl2, NH3)
  Stand-alone bump tests reduce maintenance, increase productivity (ALTAIR 2XP only)
  1 device can monitor 2 gases (ALTAIR 2XT only)
  Increased safety awareness & real-time compliance
  Stand-alone bump test anytime, anywhere without specific calibration gas (ALTAIR 2XP only)
  Bump pass: green LED flash every 15s, large on-screen checkmark
  Bump fail or expiration: red LED flash every 15s, no checkmark
  End-of-sensor-life warning and alarm
  Full-time traceability
  Records 75 alarm events
  150+ hours of periodic data (ALTAIR 2X and 2XP)
  100+ hours of periodic data (ALTAIR 2XT)
  Compatible with MSA GALAXY® GX2 Automated Test System and MSA Link Pro software
  Rugged durability
  Tough over-molded rubber armor
  Survives multiple 25-ft drops onto concrete
  Agency-certified dust- and water-tight IP67 construction
  Intrinsically-safe design

Data Sheet
Quick Start Guide

Ordering Information

10153984 ALTAIR 2X H2S-Pulse [10,15], charcoal

10153986 ALTAIR 2X CO [CO: 25, 100], charcoal

10154040 ALTAIR 2XT CO/H2S [CO: 25, 100: H2S: 10, 15], charcoal

10154181 ALTAIR 2XT CO/H2S [CO: 25, 100; H2S: 10, 15], glow-in-the-dark

10154185 ALTAIR 2X CO [CO: 25, 100], glow-in-the-dark

10154188 ALTAIR 2X H2S-Pulse [10,15], glow-in-the-dark

10157955 ALTAIR 2X H2S-Pulse [5,10,10,5], charcoal

10157956 ALTAIR 2X H2S-Pulse [5,10,10,5], glow-in-the-dark

10157957 ALTAIR 2XT CO/H2S [CO: 30, 60, 60, 30; H2S: 5, 10, 10, 5], charcoal

10157958 ALTAIR 2XT CO/H2S [CO: 30, 60, 60, 30; H2S: 5, 10, 10, 5], glow-in-the-dark

10157959 ALTAIR 2XT CO/H2S [CO: 50, 200, 200, 50; H2S: 5, 10, 10, 5], charcoal

10157960 ALTAIR 2XT CO/H2S [CO: 50, 200, 200, 50; H2S: 5, 10, 10, 5], glow-in-the-dark

10157961 ALTAIR 2XT CO/H2S [CO: 30, 200, 200, 30; H2S: 5, 10, 10, 5], charcoal

10157962 ALTAIR 2XT CO/H2S [CO: 30 200, 200, 30; H2S: 5, 10, 10, 5], glow-in-the-dark

10157963 ALTAIR 2XT CO/H2S [CO: 35, 100, 100, 35; H2S: 5, 10, 10, 5], charcoal

10157964 ALTAIR 2XT CO/H2S [CO: 35, 100, 100, 35; H2S: 5, 10, 10, 5], glow-in-the-dark

10157965 ALTAIR 2X CO [CO: 30, 60, 60, 30], charcoal

10157966 ALTAIR 2X CO [CO: 30, 60, 60, 30], glow-in-the-dark

10157967 ALTAIR 2X CO [CO: 50, 200, 200, 50], charcoal

10157968 ALTAIR 2X CO [CO: 50, 200, 200, 50], glow-in-the-dark

10157969 ALTAIR 2X CO [CO: 30, 200, 200, 30], charcoal

10157970 ALTAIR 2X CO [CO: 30, 200, 200, 30], glow-in-the-dark

10157971 ALTAIR 2X CO [CO: 35, 100, 100, 35], charcoal

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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