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MSA Altair Quick Check

This economical test station checks the detector's visual, audible and vibrating alarms along with response to a known gas concentration.

The test results are displayed on the three LEDs: alarm test, gas test and final indication of pass or fail. Green LED signifies a passed test, red a failed test and flashing amber a test in progress. The 24 hour checkmark is displayed on the detector once it passes the bump test.

ALTAIR QuickCheck will be available either with automatic gas delivery system or manual regulator.

  Fast and easy bump tests
  Checks visual, audible and vibrating alarms
  LEDs for tests in progress and pass/fail status
  Maintenance free
  Testing time less than 30 seconds
  Suitable for all ALTAIR and ALTAIR PRO Single-Gas Detectors

Data Sheet

Part Numbers

  10076693 QuickCheck O2, CO, H2S - Manual
  10076705 QuickCheck O2, CO, H2S - Automatic
  10076702 QuickCheck Cl2, ClO2 - Manual
  10076714 QuickCheck Cl2, ClO2 - Automatic
  10076696 QuickCheck NH3 - Manual
  10076708 QuickCheck NH3 - Automatic
  10076699 QuickCheck HCN - Manual
  10076711 QuickCheck HCN - Automatic
  478359 Pressure Reduction Valve 0.25 l/min (required with manual QuickCheck)
  10077384 Regulator Tubing (required with manual QuickCheck)
  10075893 Automatic gas delivery system
  710386 Single cylinder holder
  10049410 Vehicle power supply

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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