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MSA Detector Tubes

Detector tubes are the simplest solution to measure many different substances temporarily. You can store detector tubes for a long time without service. The handling of detector tubes is very simple.

  Quick and inexpensive to use
  A reliable method of testing aprox. 200 hazardous gases and vapors
  Tubes are printed with easy-to-read scales
  Maintenance-free and factory-calibrated
  Shelf-life warranty


  Combustible Atmosphere
  Particles & Dust
  Toxic Atmosphere (IDLH)
  Toxic Atmosphere (Non-IDLH)

Approvals & Standards

  Depending on kind of tubes


  Food Processes
  Foundries & Metal Production
  Hazardous Materials
  Nuclear Industry
  Oil & Gas
  Paper & Pulp
  Power Plants & Electricity
  Spray Painting
  Waste & Water Treatment

Data Sheet

Ordering Information

D5085012 Tip breaker
D5085758 DT CO2-A, Pkg of 10
D5085760 DT Nitr.-A, Pack of 10
D5085769 DT Gasoline-A, Pkg of 10
D5085770 DT Aromatics-A, Pkg of 10
D5085771 DT CKW-A, Pkg of 10
D5085772 DT Dichloromethane-A, Pack of 10
D5085773 DT Alcohols-A, Pkg of 10
D5085801 DT Cl2-0.2, Pkg of 10
D5085803 DT SO2-1, Pkg of 10
D5085805 DT NO2-0.5, Pkg of 10
D5085808 DT Nitr.-10, Pkg of 10
D5085809 DT Nitr.-50, Pkg of 10
D5085810 DT QL Qualitest, Pkg of 10
D5085813 DT SO2-5, Pkg of 10
D5085814 DT NH3-20, Pkg of 10
D5085815 DT NH3-0.1%, Pkg of 10
D5085816 DT C6H6-5, Pkg of 10
D5085817 DT CO2-0.1%, Pkg of 10
D5085818 DT Nitr.-0.5, Pkg of 10
D5085820 DT CO-10 (vol%), Pkg of 10
D5085821 DT CO-10 (ppm), Pg of 10
D5085822 DT CO-0.1%, Pkg of 10
D5085823 DT Dichloromethane-50, Pkg of 10
D5085824 DT HCN-2, Pkg of 10
D5085825 DT SO2-100, Pkg of 10
D5085826 DT H2S-1, Pkg of 10
D5085827 DT H2S-100, Pkg of 10
D5085828 DT Tol.-5, Pkg of 10
D5085829 DT PH3-0.05, Pkg of 10
D5085830 DT PH3-0.1, Pkg of 10
D5085832 DT Charcoal filter tube ADS, Pkg of 10
D5085835 DT CO-0.5%, Pkg of 10
D5085836 DT CO-5, Pkg of 10
D5085837 DT VC-1, Pkg of 10
D5085838 DT SF6, Pkg of 10
D5085840 DT Per-10, Pkg of 10
D5085841 DT CO2-1%, Pkg of 10
D5085842 DT Tri-5, Pkg of 10
D5085843 DT Hg-0.01, Pkg of 10
D5085845 DT NH3-2, Pkg of 10
D5085846 DT HCl-1, Pkg of 10
D5085847 DT CO-HP, Pkg of 10
D5085848 DT CO2-HP, Pkg of 10
D5085849 DT H2O-HP (mg/m�), Pkg of 10
D5085851 DT H2O-HP (ppm), Pkg of 10
D5085854 DT Phosgene-0.1, Pkg of 10
D5085865 DT Per-5, Pkg of 10
D5085867 DT NO2-2, Pkg of 10
D5085898 DT Gasoline-30, Pkg of 10
D5086811 DT Aromatics, Pkg of 10
D5086812 DT ClO2-0.05, Pkg of 10
D5086813 DT Formaldehyde, Pkg of 10
D5086814 DT CO2-100, Pkg of 10
D5086815 DT Ethylmercaptane, Pkg of 10
D5086818 DT Ethanol-10, Pkg of 10
D5086819 DT Styrene-10, Pkg of 10
D5086828 DT Ozone-0.05, Pkg of 10
D5086829 DT Acetone-100, Pkg of 10
D5086830 DT HF-1, Pkg of 10
D5086831 DT Propane-200, Pkg of 10
D5086832 DT Hexane-20, Pkg of 10
D5086833 DT Ethylene-50, Pkg of 10
D5086834 DT Trichloroethylene-5, Pkg of 10
D5086835 DT C6H6-1. Pkg of 10
D5086837 DT MEK-50, Pkg of 10
D5086845 DT Methylbromide-2, pack of 5
D5086846 DT Natural gas Pkg of 5
D5086850 DT Nitr.-HP, Pkg of 10
D5086851 DT H2O-MP, Pkg of 10
D5086852 DT Benzene-0.25 5 PK
D5086857 DT H2S-0.4%, Pkg of 10
D5086858 DT HCl-50, Pkg of 10
D5086859 DT NH3-100, Pkg of 10
D5086875 DT Petroleum Set, Pkg of 12
D5086881 DT for HD, HN Pkg of 10
D5086883 DT Lewisite Pkg of 10
D5091770 DT Promille Test, Pkg of 10
D5093811 DT Chlorobenzene ETW, Pkg of 10
D5093819 DT Styrene-10 ETW; Pkg of 10
D5094818 DT Methanol ETW, Pkg of 10
10023818 DT Hydrogen Sulfide 0.1 - 6 ppm
10040887 DT Oil-HP Mineral & Synth

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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