PCRmax Eco 48

PCRmax Eco 48 qPCR System

The PCRmax Eco 48 qPCR system has the world most accurate thermal block of any qPCR system and an optical system with an ability to detect down to just 1 copy as well as being able to easily perform a 40 cycle protocol in 40 minutes utilising standard your standard chemistries. The PCRmax Eco 48 utilises patented block and optical technologies to deliver extreme speed, sensitivity and data quality, with optimised protocol as fast as 15 minutes, all using standard plasticware and consumables, sensitivity down to 1 copy detection and the world most accurate block the Eco 48 will deliver Speed. Confidence. Performance. Value and Sensitivity.

Please see the PCRmax Delta testing kits. These kits are for research purposes only.

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The PCRmax Eco 48 real time PCR system is a high specification, economically priced real time thermal cycler that accommodates a unique 48-well polypropylene PCR plate utilising the same geometry as standard 384-well plates, but only 1/8 of the size. This enables users to dramatically reduce the qPCR reagent volumes compared to traditional 96-well instruments, whilst still producing a strong fluorescence signal. Minimizing the plate size also significantly improves thermal uniformity. A minimum volume of 5µl is validated, cutting reagent costs in half and making more efficient use of expensive and hard to acquire template DNA samples.

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  • Load samples into the 48-well plate using the backlit Eco Dock and place the plate into the Eco 48.
  • Run experiment.
  • The Eco 48 software provides instrument control, data collection, and data analysis. The most common qPCR parameters are automatically in place. These can be easily changed on the computer to meet specific experimental requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • MIQE compliant open licence software giving confidence when it comes to publishing your data.
  • HRM functionality as standard: with the ability to discriminate class IV SNP >99% of the time.
  • Eco 48 allows for simple multiplex analysis with up to four dyes at once.
  • World most thermally accurate block gives consistent data every time.
  • High uniformity provides high quality data. Fast cycling enables several experiments per day, all at an economical price.
  • Fastest block-based real-time PCR system. 40 cycles in 40 minutes standardly and 40 cycles in as little as 15 minutes after optimisation of temperatures and hold times.
  • Eco 48 is an open platform that can utilise any chemistry, dye or PCR reagent.
  • Easy to use software, making analysis simple and fast.
  • Industry-leading data quality.
  • Eco 48 format provides a small 34.5cm x 31cm (13.6” × 12.2”) footprint to save bench space



The Eco 48 system come with two distinct software’s, the first, Eco Control, drives the units set up and experimental runs while Eco Study is the analysis package. The Eco 48 softwares are both open licence, you can install them on as many PCs as you like, and MIQE compliant.

  • Eco 48 software uses a unique icon-driven user interface to simplify experimental design and setup.
  • Pre-set thermal profile defaults are provided for the most commonly used experimental protocols.
  • Temperature and time for each protocol step can easily be changed by click-and-drag action.
  • Experiment templates can be customized and saved for future use.
  • With the Eco 48 system and software, data collection is monitored in real time, allowing researchers to access run viability immediately.
  • The user-friendly data analysis interface also allows researchers to easily view the amplification plot, melt curve analysis, and the analysed results, including Cq values, PCR efficiency, R2 and Y-intercept.
  • Data can be exported into Excel or CSV and custom reports generated directly into PowerPoint or PDF formats.
  • High-resolution images can be directly exported in multiple image formats, ready to use in any presentation.
  • Conforms to Minimum Information for Publication of Quantitative Real-Time PCR Experiments (MIQE) guidelines, making data analysis and submission for publication review more efficient.

Eco Control software

  • User-installable, intuitive, easy to use software that integrates user control, real-time data collection, and advanced data analysis.
  • Supplied fully featured including HRM capability.
  • New software enables a widened chemistry library and contains new thermal profiles.
  • Eco Study software
  • Data analysis and Multi-Experiment Analysis.
  • Allows higher throughput, pool separate plates together and analyse as one experiment.
  • Almost limitless sample volume.
  • Supplied on a USB stick



Eco 48 Real Time PCR system, including software and loading dock
Real-time PCR Accessories : 
Eco 48 plates, pack of 50
ECOSEAL48 Eco 48 plate seals, pack of 50
ECODOCK48 Eco 48 spare plate loading dock