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RAE Systems ToxiRAE 2

Personal Gas Monitor

This product is now obsolete and has been replaced by the ToxiRAE Pro and the Gas Alert Extreme.

The ToxiRAE II single-gas monitor continuously displays toxic gas concentrations and costs just a little more than disposable detectors. Unlike typical disposables that only display remaining life, the ToxiRAE II is a full-featured gas monitor providing continuous, digital display of the gas concentration, STEL, TWA and peak values as well as high, low, TWA and STEL alarms.

A simple-to-use one-button product, the ToxiRAE II is easy to calibrate. Use the preset alarms or modify the alarms to meet your specific requirements.

In contrast to disposables that are turned on once and remain on until their batteries expire, you decide when and where to use your ToxiRAE II, and you turn it on and off accordingly.

The ToxiRAE II does not have a pre-programmed expiration date, so you get the full life out of the battery and sensor. Its sensor and battery are easily replaced in the field. And because the cost of the ToxiRAE II is about the same as many reduced-feature disposables, you have the choice of renewing it or disposing of it and starting with a fresh, new monitor.

Key Features

  IP Rating: IP 65
  Field-replaceable filter, battery
  Field-replaceable sensor in Europe and Asia only
  Highly resistant to EMI/RFI. Compliant with EMC Directive 89/336/EEC, +60 volts/meter
  Sensors available: H2S, CO, O2, NH3, CI2, CIO2, HCN, NO, NO2, PH3, SO2
  Stainless-steel corrosion-resistant alligator clip Large, easy-to-read continuous display of gas concentration in ppm
  Displays STEL, TWA, peak values, and alarm minutes used
  2-year warranty
  User-adjustable High, Low, STEL and TWA alarms
  Varying audio alarm signals for different alarm conditions
  Bright red flashing alarm
  Loud, 90 dB buzzer
  Built-in vibration alarm
  Holds Peak values
  Simple calibration
  Durable, highly impact-resistant, carbon-loaded ABS housing
  Highly resistant to RF interference
  Hands-free use: clips onto a hardhat, shirt pocket, shoulder strap, or belt


  Oil production
  Scheduled plant maintenance turnarounds
  Chemical plants
  Fire service
  Industrial safety
  Pulp & paper
  Heavy industry
  Waste-water treatment plants
  Shipyards and maritime
  Landfill operations
  Trenches, silos, railcars
  Power plants
  Steel mills

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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