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Stuart SSL3 & SSL4 Lab Scale Rockers

  Large platform rockers - ideal for multiple users
  Gentle rocking action
  Choice of two models: 3D gyratory action SSL3/See-saw wave action SSL4
  Digital speed control and built-in timer
  Optional tier system available to increase capacity

These rockers have large platforms able to accommodate a number of samples, ideal for a busy lab. They are very quiet in operation and designed to be on continuously.

Two models available:

Model SSL3 provides a 3D gyratory motion, ideal for low foaming agitation, DNA extractions, staining and de-staining procedures etc. The angle of tilt can be moved to any position by hand to optimise mixing of vessels.

Model SSL4 has a see-saw rocking action that creates a wave motion within vessels such as culture flasks, petri dishes etc.

Rockers are often used in conjunction with incubators and environmental chambers. Both units can be used in temperatures up to 40°C and humidity up to 80%. Both models are supplied with a non-slip mat and have digital selection of both speed and time making them very easy to operate. An accessory tier system can be fitted in seconds, without the need for tools, tripling the available space for samples. Each tier is securely held in place by magnets.

For larger views, please click on the small photos above.

Ordering Information

SSL3 - Rocker, gyratory, lab scale
SSL4 - Rocker, see-saw, lab scale
SSL3/1 - Tier system (2 platforms plus 8 bars) (fits both models)

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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