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Stuart UC & US Hotplate Stirrers

  LED temperature indicator
  Choice of glass ceramic or ceramic coated metal surface
  Hot warning light, remains active even when unplugged
  Compact design to save bench space
  Units can be stored on side, minimising required storage space
  Design allows retort base to slide underneath
  Compatible with SCT1 temperature controller

Stuart introduces the stylish and economical range of Undergrad, general purpose hotplate stirrers. The Undergrad range has been designed with safety as well as performance in mind, with an innovative LED temperature indicator scale and a "Hot" warning light which stays on, even when the hotplate is switched off and unplugged from the mains.

The specifically designed chassis takes up less bench space, makes storage easier and allows for a retort base to fit underneath.

The Stuart range of Undergrad hotplates includes dedicated hotplates and stirrers as well as combination hotplate stirrer models, the majority of which are available in a choice of ceramic or coated metal tops. All surfaces are square to allow more flexibility in vessel sizes and combinations, for example four 250ml beakers can easily be accommodated.

All hotplate models in the Undergrad range feature a true °C temperature setting, rather than a 1 to 10 arbitrary scale. The LED temperature indicator surrounds the heater control knob and progressively illuminates to indicate the actual surface temperature. This not only provides a bright, obvious indication that the unit is hot, which can be seen from across the room, but also clearly differentiates the heat and stir controls.

All hotplate models feature a "Hot" warning light, which will flash once the hotplate surface reaches 50°C. The "Hot" light will continue to flash even once the unit has been switched off and unplugged from the mains, until the surface temperature drops below 50°C.

For safety all units have been designed to direct any spills away from the user controls. A mains switch is standard (excluding Stir only models) for greater convenience and power saving. All units incorporate the latest technology, microprocessor controlled, dual thermocouples to ensure accurate temperature control and over temperature protection.

Powerful magnets and motor give stirring speeds up to 2000rpm and are capable of mixing large volumes (up to 15 litres).

Digital Models

Digital versions of coated metal hotplate stirrers as well as the ceramic options are also available.

Replaced by an indicator this unit is fitted with an LED temperature indicator with a digital display. This is exclusively for those users who require to accurately observe the hotplate surface temperatures.

Compatible with the SCT1 temperature controller, both the digital units, the UC152D and the US152D are for precise sample temperature control.

Data Sheet

Ordering Information

UC152D Digital Stirrer/hotplate, ceramic plate, 230V / 50Hz
US152D Digital Stirrer/hotplate, coated aluminium plate, 230V / 50Hz
UC152 Stirrer/hotplate, ceramic plate, 230V / 50Hz
US152 Stirrer/hotplate, coated aluminium plate, 230V / 50Hz
UC150 Hotplate, ceramic plate, 230V / 50Hz
US150 Hotplate, coated aluminium plate, 230V / 50Hz
UC151 Stirrer, ceramic plate, 230V / 50Hz
US151 Stirrer, stainless steel plate, 230V / 50Hz
UC152D/120V/60 Digital Stirrer/hotplate, ceramic plate, 120V / 60Hz
US152D/120V/60 Digital Stirrer/hotplate, coated aluminium plate, 120V / 60Hz
UC152/120V/60 Stirrer/hotplate, ceramic plate, 120V / 60Hz
US152/120V/60 Stirrer/hotplate, coated aluminium plate, 120V / 60Hz
UC150/120V/60 Hotplate, ceramic plate, 120V / 60Hz
US150/120V/60 Hotplate, coated aluminium plate, 120V / 60Hz
UC151/120V/60 Stirrer, ceramic plate, 120V / 60Hz
US151/120V/60 Stirrer, stainless steel plate, 120V / 60Hz
SCT1 Digital temperature controller
SCT1/1 Accessory probe holder
SCT1/2 PTFE temperature probe
SR1 Retort rod, 600mm x 12mm diameter

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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