Techne MCS Biological Stirrers

The Techne MCS Biological stirrers are designed for optimal suspension cell culture and the use of microcarriers. A system comprises of a stirrer platform and a number of glass culture vessels.

Techne MCS Biological Stirrers Key Features

  • Five stirrer platform sizes are available, along with 7 sizes of culture vessel
  • Speed range from 0 to 80rpm
  • Softstart for slow acceleration and deceleration
  • Interval setting option
  • Stainless steel stirrer platform with locators for the culture vessels
  • Designed for incubator environments


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Unique stirring action

The culture vessels incorporate a unique base design which, together with the bulb-ended stirrer, ensures that the cells are lifted into suspension at the lowest possible speeds. This gentle stirring action promotes high cell yields.

The stirrers create virtually no heat so there is negligible heat transfer from the magnetic drive to the culture vessel, making the system suitable for use in both incubators and cold rooms.

Calibrated speed control and interval stirring

Cell attachment to microcarriers and high cell yields are ensured by the special softstart/stop design and interval stirring option. The former ensures slow acceleration and deceleration of the stirrer, avoiding excessive turbulence in the culture media and eliminating cell damage. The interval stirring can be used during the attachment phase to further reduce agitation of the media or when culturing particularly fragile cells. 


Speed range - 0 to 80rpm
Speed setting accuracy - < +/- 3rpm
Softstart speed control - 20 second acceleration/20 second deceleration

Interval stirring

Variable on-time - 6 seconds to 5 minutes
Variable off-time - 2 minutes to 2 hours
Limited operating conditions - 40 degC and 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Power supply - Dual Voltage 230/110V 50/60Hz
Nominal power consumption - 2W
Fuse rating - 100mA

  Holds up to two 1 litre culture vessels
  Small, light and compact and space saving

  Compact version of the MCS-101L
  Hold up to four 500ml culture vessels
  Small, light, compact and space saving

  Holds up to four 1 litre cultures vessels
  Strong, rugged and lightweight

  4 extra large vessels
  Accommodates four 5 litres culture vessels
  Designed for large-scale production
  Strong, rugged and lightweight



MCS-101L biological stirrer FMCS101L
MCS-102L biological stirrer FMCS102L
MCS-104S biological stirrer FMCS104S
MCS-104L biological stirrer FMCS104L
MCS-104XL biological stirrer FMCS104X