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Techne TC-3000G Thermal Cycler

Please note - this product is now obsolete. Please click here for the current models.

The world's smallest gradient cycler, the TC-3000G will hold half a 96-well plate, in a horizontal format so that it offers 8 columns for annealing temperature optimisation and 6 rows for optimising reagents such as MgCl2 and primer concentrations. Annealing temperatures can be optimised over a 15°C gradient between the temperatures of 20 and 80°C.

All the features of the TC-3000 and TC-3000X plus...

  Gradient block - A gradient of up to 15°C between the temperatures of 20 and 80°C can be set, allowing any protocol to be optimised within a single experiement.
  New software - Enables a gradient to be added to any temperature step of the program.
  Gradient calculator - The gradient calculator function displays the temperature for each of the 8 columns, ensuring easy replication of thermal conditions.

Ordering Information

FTC3G/02 - TC-3000G gradient thermal cycler for 48 x 0.2ml microtubes, 100V/115V/230V
FTC3G/05 - TC-3000G gradient thermal cycler for 30 x 0.5ml microtubes, 100V/115V/230V
FTC3G/02/B - TC-3000G gradient block for 48 x 0.2ml microtubes
FTC3G/05/B - TC-3000G gradient block for 30 x 0.5ml microtubes

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Data Sheet

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