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Techne UCal 400+ Portable Dri-Block Calibrator

Calibrate your temperature sensors and systems with our economically priced portable unit!

  Wide temperature range
  Built in program for thermal switch testing
  Maximum temperature of 430°C/806°F
  Fast heat up and cool down
  10 insert formats available
  Independent over-temperature protection
  Only 4Kg with included multi-well insert and NIST cert

The UCAL400+ Calibrator provides a safe, dry and constant temperature source, and can be used either on a bench top or as a portable field unit. The unit covers the temperature range from 5°C above ambient up to 430°C using a machined aluminum insert block as the heat transfer medium.

The temperature control circuit is built into the unit. Even though the unit heats up rapidly, highly efficient insulation ensures that the case remains cool enough to handle even at maximum operating temperatures. This calibrator has been designed to comply with all relevant Radio Frequency interference and electrical safety regulations.

Data Sheet

ParameterUCal 400+
Temperature range5°C (9°F) above ambient to 430°C (806°F)
Cooling rate 400°C to 100°C21 minutes
Heating rate 20°C to 400°C12 minutes
Over-temperature cut-outApproximately 450°C
Stability at 200°C± 0.03°C
Stability at 400°C± 0.05°C
Accuracy at 200°C± 0.3°C
Accuracy at 400°C± 0.5°C
Uniformity at 200°C0.015°C
Uniformity at 400°C0.025°C
Display resolution0.1°C
Fan coolingAutomatic
Weight4 kg (9 lbs)
lnsert immersion depth114 mm (4.5 inches)

Ordering Information

FDBU400D UCal 400+ Dri-block calibrator, including block lnsert FINSALG, block extraction tool, power cable & userguide (230V)

FDBU400P UCal 400+ Dri-block calibrator, including block lnsert FINSALG, block extraction tool, power cable & userguide (120V)

7032718 Carrying case (ordered seperately)

FDB00CP Cooling Probe for models: Tecal 425, Tecal 650, Tecal 700X & UCal400+

FINSALF Aluminium lnsert 5 x 1 / 4 inch probes

FINSALG Aluminium lnsert 3 / 8 inch, 5 / 16 inch, 1 / 4 inch, 3 / 16 inch, 1 / 8 inch probes (supplied as standard)

FINSALH Aluminium lnsert 2 x 3 / 8 inch and 2 x 1 / 4 inch probes

FINSALI Aluminium lnsert 2 x 1 / 2 inch and 2 x 1 / 4 inch probes

FINSALJ Aluminium lnsert 1 x 1 / 4 inch probes

FINSALK Blank aluminium lnsert

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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