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Testo 350 Emissions Analyser

Raises the Bar in Emission Testing and Combustion Analysis

  Control Unit - Docked or remote operation via Bluetooth or wired (up to 300 feet)
  HD Color Graphic Display
  analyser Box - Superior rugged construction

Whether you are testing for compliance or troubleshooting your combustion process, the new Testo 350 has everything you need. The ultra-rugged construction, coupled with a simple intuitive operation and innovative measurement technology, sets the new standard in emission testing and combustion analysis.

The Testo 350's new exclusive sensor design, patented gas paths, active sample conditioning, advance data logging and reporting, work together seamlessly providing a lightweight and simple-to-use emission monitoring solution.

Built With Everything You Wanted…

1. Control Unit

  Small in size, but big in capability
  Measurement interface provides a multitude of field configurations so testing is faster to set up and easier to perform
  Use the control unit as your data storage device and download data at your convenience
  Use the fresh air button to purge instead of climbing a ladder to pull the probe
  With remote control, increase accuracy by eliminating long sample lines and long response times
  Click face down in the analyser box for protection and added security
  Integrated magnets for mounting to steel surfaces

2. Brilliant HD Color Display

  A better view of combustion dynamics
  Real-time color graphics
  Intuitive operation lets you view collected data in a graph or numeric values
  See the measurements while standing at the control panel via a cabled connection or sitting in your car up to 300 feet away using the optional wireless Bluetooth

3. analyser Box

  Where the measurement action begins
  Contains the pumps, sample conditioning, electronics, and up to six sensors
  Sensor temperature monitoring and compensation complement each other for increased accuracy
  Thermoelectric (peltier) chiller (optional) conditions the gas as required by regulatory agencies
  Protection in many forms, from rubber bumpers to components mounted in shock-resistant material

Data Sheet

Proven technologies, coupled with clever designs, provide more testing versatility and the assurance the measurements are of the highest quality.

Designed for the rugged demands of the job site with features to make testing easier.

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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