TSI 8535 DustTrak Environmental Enclosure

Built upon proven DustTrak™ technology that thousands of people use every day, the TSI 8535 DustTrak Environmental Enclosure is a portable, weatherproof enclosure custom built to house DustTrak units outdoors, or in harsh industrial environments.

Key Features

  • Optional accessories: internal battery system, heat shield, solar power system, Cloud Data Management System , heated inlet sample conditioner
  • 360° omni-directional sampling inlet specifically designed to sample efficiently in a broad range of wind conditions
  • Mount enclosure to a standard survey tripod equipped with a 5/8"-11 threaded stud
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TSI Instruments

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product. We offer distribution of TSI products to the UK and Ireland.

The DustTrak™ Environmental Enclosure 8535 protects the DustTrak II and DRX Aerosol Monitor Models 8530, 8530EP, 8533 and 8533EP. This environmental enclosure allows you to make the same accurate and precise measurements in harsh environments.


  • • Outdoor environmental monitoring
  • • Fugitive emissions monitoring
  • • Site perimeter monitoring
  • • Fence-line monitoring
  • • Dust control operations
  • • Environmental research studies
  • • Construction sites
  • • Harsh industrial environments
  • • Urban pollution studies


  • • Weatherproof case with survey tripod mount
  • • 360 omni-directional sampling inlet
  • • Water trap bottle
  • • Internal equipment bracket with velcro straps
  • • Dust caps
  • • Tubing, plug
  • • O-rings
  • • Weatherproof AC/DC adapter

8535 Environmental Enclosure and Accessories
  • 8535 Portable, polypropylene weatherproof case with survey tripod mount, 360

  • 801810 8535 Solar Heat Shield

  • 801850 Heated Inlet sample conditioning module with Auto Zero Module

  • 801851 Heated Inlet (only) for Model 8535

  • 801906 Wireless Router Mounting Hardware for Environmental Enclosure 8535

Netronix GSM/GPS Cloud Communication Data Plan
  • 802910 Environet monthly data plan (includes activation fee and 3 months of data access). After 3 months, renews monthly. Hibernation is not allowed during first three months plan.

  • 802915 Environet 12 month data plan. (activation fee is waived)

  • 802919 Monthly Hibernation fee. Monthly fee for hibernating a node. The data plan will be extended for the number of months hibernated. Hibernation is not available during first 3 months of 3-month plan.

Wireless / Cloud Communication Systems
  • 801901 Netronix Thiamis GSM/GPS Modem with 8535 mounting kit. (Requires data plan)

Power Systems
  • Environmental Enclosure Internal Battery System (Replaces P/N 801801). Includes: (2x) 22Ah 12V batteries (P/N 801808); Battery Charger (P/N 801809).

  • 801817 Dual Battery Wiring Harness. Enables parallel connection of two 22Ah battery packs to the DustTrak inside the Environmental Enclosure.

  • 801808 Replacement Single 22 Ah Battery Pack. Replaces Part #801802.

  • 801809 Replacement Battery Charger. Replaces part # 801803.

  • 801811 Solar Power System for DustTrak II and DRX Environmental Enclosure

  • 801812 Replacement solar panel for Solar Power System.

  • 801813 Replacement charger controller for Solar Power System.

  • 801814 Replacement battery for Solar Power System.

  • 801842 8535 SPARE DC PWR SUPPLY 170-250VAC,2.5A

Replacement Parts and Accessories
  • 801840 Replacement DC power cable (Enclosure to Solar Power System). Length 10 ft (3 m).

  • 801567 Environmental Enclosure 360 degree Omni-Directional Sampling Inlet with Extended Rain Cap

  • 801506 Environmental Enclosure respirable sampling inlet with Dorr-Oliver 10mm nylon cyclone.

  • 801796 Replacement bracket for 8535 Environmental Enclosure (to secure DustTrak, external pump, external batteries, and modem inside 8535 Environmental Enclosure)

  • 801830 8535 Environmental Enclosure spare parts kit. Includes: dust caps, orings, plug, water trap bottle, Velcro straps, conductive tubing.