TSI Heated Inlet Sample Conditioner with AutoZero Module

TSI Heated Inlet Sample Conditioner with AutoZero Module

The sample air stream is conditioned using the TSI Heated Inlet Sample Conditioner before entering the DustTrak II or DustTrak DRX optics.

Key Features

  • Custom made to fit on DustTrak II/DRX in use with an Environmental Enclosure
  • Simple to connect
  • No programming required
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TSI Instruments

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product. We offer distribution of TSI products to the UK and Ireland.

Aerosols absorb water and swell during humid environments. This results in larger signals that are interpreted as increased aerosol concentration by a photometer. This elevated measurement caused by humidity is reduced by the Heated Inlet Sample Conditioner.

TSI Instruments have designed this product to install over the AutoZero module on DustTrak II/DRX Models 8530, 8530EP, 8533 and 8533EP while in use with Environmental Enclosure Models 8535 or 8537. A wiring harness (included with the conditioner) easily connects power to the conditioner and the DustTrak from either the external battery system or line voltage.


  • • Outdoor environmental monitoring
  • • Fugitive emissions monitoring
  • • Site perimeter monitoring
  • • Fence-line monitoring
  • • Dust control operations
  • • Environmental research studies
  • • Construction sites
  • • Harsh industrial environments
  • • Urban pollution studies