TSI HM675 & HM685 Hydronic Manometers TSI HM675 & HM685 Hydronic Manometers TSI HM675 & HM685 Hydronic Manometers

TSI HM675 & HM685 Hydronic Manometers

TSI HM675 & HM685 Hydronic Manometers are used to balance hydronic heating and, check pump performance to set balancing valves and cooling systems.

Key Features

  • Measure and display differential pressure simultaneously high side and low side from 0 to 300 psi (0 to 2,068 kPa)
  • Robust, splash-proof case
  • Inputs for two temperature probes
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Displaying differential, high side and low side pressure and can measure simultaneously, instrument valve settings or having to change hose connections.

Each model displays a backlit screen and operates on NiMH rechargeable batteries or four alkaline batteries.

Features and Benefits (HM685):

  • • Using valve manufacturers' Cv (Kv) factors [up to 100 Cv (Kv) can be entered] calculates flow
  • • Calculates heat flow, impeller diameter and brake power
  • • Stores up to 4,000 data points to memory for later recall/download to a PC using CompuDat™ USB Software and USB interface cable
  • • For easy navigation and instrument set up an intuitive menu structure


  • • Balance and test cooling and heating systems
  • • Check pump performance
  • • Set balancing valves

  • HM675M Hydronic Manometer Metric

  • HM685M Hydronic Manometer Metric

Accessories and Replacement Parts
  • HMFIT HM accessory kit includes 34 additional fittings and (2) ITT Bell and

  • 801290 HM Temperature probe, 4" probe length (10.2 cm)

  • 801291 HM Temperature probe, 6" probe length (15.24 cm)

  • 801293 HM temperature probe extension cable - 6' (1.8 m)

  • 632360004 P/T Gauge adapter probes, package of 2

  • 632360010 Bell and Gosset read-out probes, package of 2

  • 1303754 USB Cable (1 Meter / 3 ft), USB-A to USB Mini-B)

  • 1319409 HM Carrying case

  • 632650510 HM Hose kit with one red and one blue hose

  • 632650515 HM Hose snubber, package of 2

  • 801761 Universal Power Supply

  • 6006804 Battery Cover and Handle - HM675/685 NOTE: Handle set screw and battery cover screw with spring not included. Re-use hardware from parts that are to be replaced.