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Clare HAL Series Electrical Safety Testers

  Clare HAL 100 - 40A Ground/Earth Bond Tester. Part No: H100.
  Clare HAL 101 - AC/DC Hipot and DC Insulation Tester. Part No: H101.
  Clare HAL 102 - AC/DC Hipot and DC Insulation Tester with built-in scanner switching matrix. Part No: H102.
  Clare HAL 103 - AC/DC Hipot (flash/dielectric strength) and Insulation and Ground/Earth Bond Tester. Part No: H103.

The Clare HAL range is one of the most advanced designs available with outstanding levels of flexibility, functionality and user safety. With a simple intuitive user interface the Clare HAL can be used as a simple manual tester with the push of a button. Alternatively the full power of this unique instrument can be used to automate the testing sequence for fast performance on the most demanding of production lines.

A large, clear, full graphic display presents information either in a numerical or analogue format. Tests can be started and stopped by simply pushing the large buttons on the front of the instrument or choose from a variety of pre-selected automated configurations, including remote PCs, PLCs or interlocks.

The advanced electronic design allows the operator to select either 50 or 60 hertz HiPot and Ground Bond Testing, making the instrument truly international in its application. Features such as arc detection and the ability to set maximum and minimum thresholds all combine to enhance the quality of the testing process.

In addition to the Clare HALís internal memory, which will record up to 6000 test results, the instruments can be interfaced with a variety of accessories ranging from bar code scanners through to label printers.

The fully comprehensive Clare HAL 104 combines all the electrical safety tests with the functional testing of load leakage and power factor. These features are particularly beneficial to organisations where energy consumption and efficiency are becoming a more important aspect of a productís design.

Because traceability is such an important aspect of any safety programme, the Clare HAL incorporates an internal memory which records the results of all tests. The instrument can therefore operate in a stand-alone mode storing the result ready for download to an external database. The instrument also incorporates various input and output ports which allow the test to be mechanised when connected to a suitable safety enclosure or initiated from external controls or a bar code scanner.

The Safety E Base software package provided by Seaward runs on a host PC and provides remote control of the Clare HAL instrument. In addition, control protocols are available to allow the test instrument to be integrated into a manufacturing system where the host system takes total control of the Clare HAL safety/functional testing.

A variety of optional accessories are available including a label printer which can be driven directly from the Clare HAL. Upon completion of each test sequence a label can be printed which provides the PASS information or a FAIL label should the item under test fail to comply with the test requirements. Whatever the testing requirement, the Clare HAL instruments have the flexibility to give any organisation the level of control and traceability which suit their own requirements.

Series Brochure
104 Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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