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Pulsar Model 22 doseBadge Systems

  The Model 22 doseBadge is compact, extremely robust and lightweight
  No cables or controls, reducing the risk of damage, misuse or tampering
  Everything you need supplied in one user-friendly system package
  Ideal system for compliant assessment of workers' Industrial Noise exposures
  Unique size and shape, innovative functional design
  Programmable for compliance with most worldwide regulations
  "Shake-to-Wake" function to extend battery life and operating time
  Ergonomic Reader Unit with Integral Acoustic Calibrator
  Infra-Red communication between Reader Unit and doseBadges
  Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Battery
  Outstanding Analysis & Reporting software supplied as standard

Barriers to accurately assessing the noise exposure of workers are removed with the innovative Model 22 doseBadge system. Traditional systems rely on large, cumbersome units using cables and separate microphones which can easily become damaged or tangled in machinery.

The revolutionary doseBadge is a self-contained noise measurement device that has no cables, display or controls, making it an ideal solution for noise dosimetry because units can't be tampered with during measurements.

doseBadges communicate with an infra-red Reader Unit - similar technology to a television remote control. The Reader Unit controls the doseBadge to program, calibrate, start/stop, download and store measurements.

All key measurement parameters can be viewed on the large clear backlit screen of the Reader Unit, which also displays a time history graph of workers' daily noise exposure.

The Reader Unit contains an integral acoustic calibrator allowing the doseBadge to be calibrated prior to and following each measurement in accordance with international regulations.

Worldwide Occupational or Industrial Noise Regulations require the typical daily exposure of an individual worker to be determined. The doseBadge automatically achieves this by computing the Daily Exposure for European Legislation or the Time Weighted Average for US based Legislation.

Noise dosimetry measurements are only the beginning, our effective, user friendly software package dBLink3 allows users to quickly analyse and transform data into informative report formats, simplifying a potentially complex and time consuming process.

Full 'time history' information allows you to determine when key noise problems occur during a workers' day. The additional 'C' weighted Peak Time History allows you to fully assess risks from impulsive noise in the workplace.


The Model 22 doseBadge systems are ideal for most applications as the preferred method of calculating personal daily noise exposures to ensure compliance with International Safety Legislation.

It is especially suitable for applications where workers are regularly moving from location to location, working with moving machinery, in difficult to reach areas, vehicle cabins, shift work or with unpredictable work patterns.

Typical industries include: Manufacturing, Construction, Chemical, Mining, Transportation, Fire and Police, Highway Maintenance, Food, Entertainment and also Educational Establishments.


Our doseBadge is rechargeable, making it more economical, and designed to run for an entire shift. The Reader Unit is used to setup and calibrate one or more doseBadges prior to use, and also to start the measurement.

The doseBadge unit logs and stores data throughout the period of measurement, and a blue indicator shows when the unit is running. At the end of the measurement, data is downloaded from the doseBadge into the Reader Unit through the infra-red link, with the Reader Unit displaying measurement data.

The Model 22 doseBadge can be configured to meet a wide range of Occupational Noise Regulations and has been designed to meet the requirements of the EU Physical Agents (Noise) Directive as well as the requirements of OSHA. In addition to the overall noise levels the doseBadge also stores a one-minute sample and one-minute Peak(C) measurement.


which will present the commonly used noise parameters, or a 'customised', user-defined setup can be programmed into the doseBadge by the Reader Unit.

Overall Measurement Information

Overall Measurement Information data contains the most important and commonly used noise parameters. This data contains the Measurement Start Time and Date, Run Time, Calibration Information, Highest Peak(C) Level, 115dB(A) Maximum Sound Level Exceedence, Overload and Battery Level.

When set to the 3dB Exchange Rate, the doseBadge Overall Measurement Information contains Leq, LEX,8h (LEP,d), LAE (SEL), Exposure & Estimated Exposure in Pa2h, % Noise Dose and Estimated % Noise Dose.

When the doseBadge is configured to either 4dB or 5dB Exchange Rates, the Overall Measurement Information contains the LAVG, TWA, % Noise Dose and the Estimated % Noise Dose. If the Time Weighting is set to Slow, or a Threshold is set, with any exchange rate (3dB, 4dB or 5dB) the Overall Measurement Information will be set to LAVG, TWA, % Noise Dose and the Estimated % Noise Dose.

Time History Data

The doseBadge measures and logs noise levels during the measurement period. In addition to the overall noise levels, such as Leq or TWA, the instrument also logs a Time History or Noise Profile.

When the doseBadge is configured to 3dB (Q=3) with no Time Weighting or Threshold, this Time History data is stored as oneminute LAeq samples. For other configurations, the Time History data is stored as LAVG.

At the same time, the doseBadge also stores the highest Peak(C) level and the Battery level every minute. This data is available with the Time History data provided by using the supplied dBLink3 software program.

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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doseBadge Systems

Model 22 doseBadge Systems

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