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Pulsar Model 84/83 Integrating Sound Level Meters

Data Logging, with 1:1 Octave Band Filters

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  Ideal for those preferring the 1:1 Octave Band method of hearing protection selection
  The basic measurements of the Models 82A & 81A with the addition of 1:1 Octave Band Measurements from 31Hz to 8kHz
  Outstanding Analyser Software supplied as standard
  Blue LED indicator to show that you are using Octave Band Mode
  The instrument automatically sweeps through the information upon completion of the measurement cycle
  The Octave Bands are correctly measured in 'Z' weighting and an overall 'A' weighted Leq is included for comparison

Analyser Software

Another key benefit of the Model 84 & 83 instruments is that they do not need to be upgraded. They are supplied as data logging instruments with the Pulsar Analyser software and download cable supplied as standard.

In other words they can store data in the internal memory and allow this information to be downloaded and reports created using the excellent Pulsar Analyser download / analysis reporting software suite.

The software also has a special database of hearing protection that allows you, at the click of an icon, to have all calculations done for you automatically. You then select the hearing protectors of your choice and print out a full report justifying your selection.

80 Series Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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