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Techne Tecal Series Of Dri-Block Calibrators

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The Tecal Block Calibrator series are used as portable temperature calibrators in a wide variety of industries for checking the calibration of thermocouples, RTDs and liquid filled sensors.

The checking of temperature is vital in numerous industrial processes - engines, machines, boilers, pumps, storage rooms, air conditioners, compressors used in power stations, chemical plants, refineries, offshore platforms, ships, steel works, instrument companies are all typical application areas.

The Tecal series comes in two different formats. The Tecal 'S' range for simple calibration and the Tecal 'H' range for applications where greater flexibility is required.

With the Tecal 'S' range, calibration is simple, quick and easy.

1. Select the temperature scale required (degC or degF) and calibration temperature on the LED display.

2. Place insert into the hole in the block.

3. Place sensor under test into the insert.

4. Connect sensor to reading device (DVM, Digital Thermometer or sensor controlling circuit etc.)

5. Allow block to stabilise for at least 10 minutes once it has reached the desired temperature.

6. Compare temperature reading of external thermometer with the reading on the Tecal LED display.

7. Repeat the above steps for all calibration temperatures until the calibration is complete.

The Tecal 'H' range allows greater flexibility where several calibration programs may need to be carried out in the field.

1. The 'H' range is fitted with a 4 line by 20 character LCD and an 8 button keypad for creating and using calibration programs (setting temperature, ramp rate and holding time) and storing data at each temperature.

2. The LCD and keypad allow the user to configure the calibrator for:

  A normal calibration of temperature probes (analogous to the 'S' range).
  A switch test input for monitoring hydraulic thermostats, including the ability to pause at the temperature where switching occurs (very useful when the temperature for switch changeover is not known).
  A calibration using the User Probe Interface (UPI), which allows storage of both the block temperature and the reading of the test sensor which is connected to the UPI.

All the Tecal models have an RS-232 interface for data and program transfer or real time control using Calsoft. The 'S' range requires the computer to be continuously connected to the Tecal calibrator when using Calsoft. On the other hand, the 'H' range can calibrate probes independently of the computer and at the end of the day, the user can download the test results from the Tecal calibrator to the computer to print out the appropriate calibration certificate(s). There is a set of commands that allow third party applications to be developed.

All Tecal calibrators have a large heater block (aluminium for the Tecal 140 & 425 models, and aluminium/bronze for the Tecal 650) providing excellent uniformity and stability. This heater block can accommodate large multi-hole inserts allowing calibration of several probes at one time.

Techne is one of the few companies that realised the importance of a measuring zone which is now becoming essential after the release of the new European regulations on calibrating block calibrators.

All Techne units are designed and manufactured to BS EN 1S0 9001: 1994 and carry the CE mark. All Techne equipment conforms to the EMC and Low Voltage Directives. Some units are manufactured for Techne to our specifications.

Tecal 140S/H

This temperature calibrator is ideal for calibrating temperature sensors used in the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as calibrating any sensors used in the temperature range outlined in the specification below.

The Tecal 140S provides a complete system for calibrating most types of thermal sensors used in the temperature range of -40degC to 140degC which includes 'K' type thermocouples commonly used in the food industries, cold storage rooms and environmental monitoring systems.

Where automation in both the field and laboratory are required, the combination of the Tecal 140H with the UPI saves time and money. The user can set the program and leave the unit to calibrate the probes, automatically storing the results in memory. This allows the user to attend to other tasks and when convenient download the results to a computer to print the calibration certificate.

For a larger view, please click on the photo above.

Tecal 425S/H

These calibrators use large aluminium blocks surrounded by band heaters to give fast heating times and provide high accuracy, uniformity and stability up to 425degC.

Both 425 models are equipped with a large fan in order to quickly cool the blocks to 20 degrees above ambient. Suitable for many applications in both the field and laboratory as described in the introduction.

For a larger view, please click on the photo above.

Tecal 650S/H

This temperature calibrator is ideal for calibrating temperature sensors used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The 650 models have large aluminium-bronze blocks which can house large single or multi-hole inserts. These inserts can accommodate probes to a depth of 152.4mm providing high stability and uniformity. All models are equipped with high-powered band heaters and two fans in order to rapidly heat and cool the temperature probe block to the required range of temperatures.

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Data Sheet
140H Manual
140S Manual
425H Manual
425S Manual
650H Manual
650S Manual

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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