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UTC DF104 FlexZone-4 Processor (in NEMA aluminum enclosure)

The UTC FlexZone processor (DF104) gives advanced warning of unwanted intrusions at the perimeter and is easily installed on most fences by attaching its lightweight sensor cable to the fence fabric with cable ties.

The DF104 processor provides upto 4 independent zones of detection and comes in an outdoor rated enclosure, which can be easily post mounted or fixed to any convenient supporting surface.

Each FlexZone processor provides connection for two sensor cables that can be up to 600 m long and act independently toprovide two distinct detection zones.

All configuration and detection parameters for each zone areset using the Windows-based Universal Configuration Module software (DF950-CM). FlexZone processors can communicate alarm and system status by relay outputs or optionally over a data communication network to a remote security management system.

Unilke a block sensor, where all events are aggregated together along the entire zone length (including ones caused by distributed environmental conditions), FlexZone divides the events into precise, localized areas, thus maximizing the probability of detection while reducing nuisance alarms.


  Sensor processing capability up to 600 m of activesensor cable
  Adaptive Algorithms virtually eliminate environmental nuisance alarms
  Configurable with laptop PC via direct USB connection or over the sensor network
  Built in audio module
  Detection parameters can be set and optimized independently for each zone
  Built in relays; optional network communication cards
  IP66, NEMA Type 4X enclosure

UTC DF104 FlexZone-4 Processor (in NEMA aluminum enclosure)


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