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UTC Aritech SB2100-N AIR Two-Beam Detector (100m)

The new UTC SB active infrared beams' series includes two-beam and four-beam detectors, which generate an alarm when 1 or 2 beams are interrupted, ignoring birds, small animals, dead leaves, etc.

They consist of two identical detector modules equipped with detector cells integrating both transmission and reception functions. These modules are installed facing each other over the distance to be protected providing a non-physical invisible detection zone.

Detectors are based on a system of pulsed infrared beams, and operate on four user-selectable frequencies (channels), which allow avoiding any risk of interference between detectors.

Thanks to an integrated alignment tool, which provide visual and audible signal, beams are much quicker and easier to align.

Heater is also integrated on the beams.

Thanks to modules' interconnectivity option (offered for SB250-N, SB2100-N, SB450-N and SB4100), there are NO detection gaps between modules.

UTC Aritech SB2100-N AIR Two-Beam Detector (100m)

  2 active infrared (AIR) beams
  Outdoor range 100 m
  4 selectable channels
  On board regulated heater
  Integrated alignment tool (visual/audio)
  NO gaps in detection between modules thanks to interdetection option
  Receiver and Transceiver in one module
  Modular pillar for 180° & 360° view
  Very strong pillars up to 3 m

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Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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