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Clare SwitchSmart

  Increase safety, efficiency and productivity
  Improves operator safety from electric shock
  16 switching ports providing 8 channels
  Up to 256 sequential tests on a single product
  Full electrical testing of 4 products simultaneously
  High voltage, high current capability
  Easy to read LED display understanding which channels are being used
  Up to 5Kv AC or 6Kv DC flash
  Up to 40A Earth Bond
  Full powered leakage capability

Increase safety, efficiency and productivity of your production line testing with the SwitchSmart from Clare.

Used in conjunction with the HAL 104 tester, the SwitchSmart provides the capability for automatic electrical safety testing between multiple test points or testing multiple products simultaneously. This allows for unrivalled speed and efficiency coupled with the high level of safety that the modern production line needs.

Clare has developed a versatile modular eight channel switching matrix which can be used to apply high voltage or high current electrical safety tests to multiple test points or products.

Applications include any equipment which requires testing for Earth / Ground bonding, High Voltage Hipot / Flash or Power leakage.

Each switch port is capable of being programmed to carry out all available test functions the HAL 104 offers.

This has been designed for easy interface with the HAL 104 to allow for a simple yet high specification testing system. The unit can be used with the HAL 104 alone or integrated into larger automation projects.

Used with Safety e-Base there is even greater flexibility allowing bespoke test sequences to be allocated to specific product / part numbers.

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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