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HI-4421 Bench DO & BOD Research Grade Meter

HI 4421 is a research grade dissolved oxygen bench meter with extensive measuring capabilities:

  BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand)
  OUR (Oxygen Uptake Rate)
  SOUR (Specific Oxygen Uptake Rate)
  Atmospheric pressure

This is a highly advanced instrument featuring an intuitive menu system to streamline the workflow process and provide accurate measurements quickly and efficiently. With the facility to display a range of graphs, help screens and calibration reminders, the colour screen is designed to support complex operations.

Main benefits:

  Extended range up to 90ppm and 600% saturation featuring automatic or manual temperature and barometric atmospheric pressure compensation and manual salinity compensation
  Automatic and manual calibration of DO can be performed in one or two points using standard or user defined standards. Users can set the reading stability criteria selecting one of three modes - Fast, Medium and Accurate
  Direct/autohold automatically holds the reading on display when measurement stability is reached. In direct reading mode, the user interface can be set to basic with or without GLP, graphic or logging information
  Up to 10 profiles can be saved and recalled eliminating the need to reconfigure each time when a different electrode is used. User definable configurations can include reading mode: direct or BOD, OUR and SOUR, measurement units, temperature units, stability criteria, and temperature, atmospheric pressure and salinity compensation
  Flexible datalogging with choice of Automatic, Manual or Autohold logging for up to 10,000 samples
  Automatic logging features a selectable area and sampling period
  GLP information includes complete data about user calibration of each parameter and identification information for the instrument, user, and company
  Data can be transferred to a PC via USB port. Hanna HI 92000 software available as optional

Key features:

  Large colour screen with dot matrix LCD display
  Multi language support and contextual help available through dedicated HELP key
  Intuitive on-screen tutorial messaging and directions guide users through all measurement and calibration procedures to support correct performance
  The BOD, OUR and SOUR methods are supported with a dedicated tutorial and step by step indication to support optimum operation throughout the procedure
  Polarographic DO probe includes built-in temperature sensor
  Measurements plotted in graph format in real time on colour screen
  Soft and hard splash resistant keys

Supplied with:

  HI 76408 DO probe
  HI 76404N electrode holder
  HI 7041S electrolyte solution
  HI 76407A membrane caps
  12 Vdc adaptor


Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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