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HI-83099 Multi-Parameter Colorimeter with COD

The Hanna HI 83099 multiparameter photometer can also measure COD with three different ranges to cover virtually every COD application: 0-150 mg/L, 0-1500 mg/L and 0-15000 mg/L. The HI 83099 meets the design requirements of USEPA 410.4, guaranteeing high quality measurements suited for reporting purposes.

The HI 83099 can be operated manually or from a PC via the built-in RS232 port and data can be downloaded for analysis and documented with the HI 92000 application software.

Easy COD measurement - HI 83099 multi-parameter photometer is pre-calibrated to measure COD levels at three ranges at the touch of a key pad. Simply use the scroll button to select the desired range and begin reading. HI 83099 automatically selects the correct wavelength for the chosen range.

Outstanding measurement quality - HI 83099 employs an advanced optical system, assuring high accuracy measurements in the entire measurement range. The optics combine the power of a miniature light source with the precision of a narrow band interference filter.

Save space in your laboratory - The compact size of the HI 83099 photometer allows the user to eliminate the clutter of bulkier and more costly spectrophotometers currently being used. Measuring 23 x 17 x 7 cm and weighing less than 700 grams, HI 83099 can be transported with ease from place to place.

HI 83099 is one of the most versatile photometers on the market. In addition to COD, this meter measures up to 47 of the most important water quality parameters.

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HI 83099 runs for hours on two common 9V batteries. In addition, it can operate continuously with input voltage of 12-20 Vdc.

HI 83099 is extremely simple to use. The front mask lists all the parameters in a numerical order and the display shows the same numbers for quick reference during testing.

The meter can be zeroed in seconds and the reagents cost much less than what you may have been used to paying.

All this and much more at a fraction of the cost of expensive and complex spectrophotometers!

HI 83099 is supplied with 3 glass cuvets, cell protective cap, batteries, 12 Vdc adapter and instructions.


Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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