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HI-9146N Portable D.O. Meters with Extended Range

Field work can subject instrumentation to the inclemency of weather. Cold, rain, snow, dust and humidity can cause condensation to breech the housing, which eventually compromises the meter and rapidly diminishes its performance and life. HI 9143 and HI 9146 are designed for harsh outdoor applications, especially waste water treatment and fish farming. Simple on-site calibration requires no chemical solutions. Just expose the probe to air and press the CAL button. In a few minutes, the meter is calibrated and ready to use. Auto-calibration eliminates the need to use a screwdriver or other devices to adjust the reading.

The new and improved HI 9143 and HI 9146 measure and display O² from 0 to 300%, 0 to 45 mg/L and temperature from 0 to 50°C.

In addition to the features of HI 9145, HI 9146N also supplies the user with compensations for salinity and altitude factors. And both meters compensate for the temperature effect.

HI 9146 is supplied with D.O. probe HI 76407/4 with 4m (13') cable, 2 spare membranes, electrolyte solution HI 7041S (30mL), batteries, rugged carrying case and instructions.

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