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RAE Systems AreaRAE Steel Z1

Rapidly Deployable, Wireless Multi-gas Monitor

The AreaRAE Steel Z1 is a one- to five-gas wireless monitor that delivers ATEX Zone 1 certification in an extremely rugged stainless steel enclosure designed for applications in harsh environments. The weather-resistant AreaRAE Steel Z1 is the benchmark against which portable wireless gas monitors are judged.

AreaRAE Steel Z1 combines a photoionization detector (PID) for parts-per-million measurement of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with lower explosive limit (LEL) and oxygen sensors, plus two electrochemical toxic sensors for measuring specific substances such as hydrogen sulfide or chlorine. An integrated wireless modem allows the AreaRAE Steel Z1 to transmit real-time gas measurement data to a ProRAE Remote base station located up to 3 kilometers away.

The base station is a standard Windowsbased PC running ProRAE Remote software connected to a RAELink Host Modem. The base station can communicate with up to 12 AreaRAE Steel Z1s (or other AreaRAE-compatible monitors), providing a multi-threat detection network that can monitor a wide geographic area.

AreaRAE Steel Z1 monitors are powered by rechargeable Llithium-ion batteries that deliver up to 14 hours of continuous operation.

The AreaRAE Steel Z1 is ideal for fast deployment during plant shutdowns or turn-around. AreaRAE Steel Z1 detectors can be used to quickly establish a working perimeter by setting out multiple monitors at strategic locations, then backing off to a position of safety to monitor readings over the wireless link.

Key Features

  Up to five sensors (PID, LEL, O2 and two toxic gas electrochemical)
  Loud buzzer and large, extrabright warning light
  Large LCD display and keypad
  Rugged, weather-resistant stainless-steel housing
  Built-in sampling pump
  Interchangeable Lithium-ion

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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