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Endecotts Calibration Samples

Endecotts calibration samples are microspheres formed of soda-lime glass that range from 3.35mm down to 20 micron sizes. Because of the precise nature and extent of the range of spheres, samples can be supplied to enable the accurate calibration of individual sieves.

Being spherical the use of calibration samples gives extremely accurate results.

Endecotts glass calibration samples will enable you to calibrate your test sieves to an accuracy of approximately 1µm. Because the microspheres pass over virtually the total surface of the sieve more apertures are examined than with any other method, making it one of the most accurate methods of sieve calibration available.

Endecotts glass microspheres are calibrated by Whitehouse Scientific, who are recognised as one of the leading particle analysis laboratories by the BCR, and by 20 other leading European particle size analysis laboratories.

Large Version

Approx number of tests per pack
Frame size (diameter) Tests
3" - 100mm 16-20
8" - 200mm 8-10
12" - 300mm 2
450mm 1

Accurately calibrate test sieves in a matter of minutes...

Endecotts glass calibration samples are supplied in containers as follows:
For Sieve
For Sieve
For Sieve
CS20 20 Micron 8 gms CS125 125 Micron 10 gms CS710 710 Micron 25 gms
CS25 25 Micron 8 gms CS150 150 Micron 15 gms CS850 850 Micron 25 gms
CS32 32 Micron 10 gms CS180 180 Micron 15 gms CS1000 1.00mm 35 gms
CS38 38 Micron 10 gms CS212 212 Micron 15 gms CS1180 1.18mm 50 gms
CS45 45 Micron 10 gms CS250 250 Micron 25 gms CS1400 1.40mm 50 gms
CS53 53 Micron 10 gms CS300 300 Micron 25 gms CS1700 1.70mm 50 gms
CS63 63 Micron 10 gms CS355 355 Micron 25 gms CS2000 2.00mm 50 gms
CS75 75 Micron 10 gms CS425 425 Micron 25 gms CS2360 2.36mm 50 gms
CS90 90 Micron 10 gms CS500 500 Micron 25 gms CS2800 2.80mm 50 gms
CS106 106 Micron 10 gms CS600 600 Micron 25 gms CS3350 3.35mm 50 gms

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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