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Endecotts Sonic Sifter

For fast accurate separation down to 5 micron

The Sonic Sifter is a precision instrument for the rapid separation of a wide variety of dry particles and powders in the fine micron range.

It will successfully separate samples down to 5 microns in as little as one minute, sometimes less, with consistant repeatability.

The sieving action, which can be varied for different densities and textures of material , is unique. A verticle column of air is made to oscillate through a sieve or set of sieves. The motion of the air alternately lifts the sample and then assists it through the sieve apertures. The oscillation amplitude is variable. A vertical mechanical pulse may also be applied to the sieves at regular intervals to break down any clustered particles and help eliminate any binding of the apertures.

An important feature of the Sonic Sifter is that it causes very little attrition of the sample and virtually no screen wear.

  Outstanding value
  Simple to operate
  Unique action
  Very quick cycle time - typically less than one minute
  Virtually no attrition of sample
  Virtually no screen wear
  Very quiet operation

The sonic sifter can take up to 5.60 mm aperture sieves

Large Version

Sieves for Sonic Sifter
Sieve stacks must be made up to the height of six single sieves. Where less sieves or double sieves are used, spacers are provided.
Aperture Standard
(note 1)
(note 2)
(note 3)
150µm O - O
125µm O - O
106µm O - -
105µm - - O
100µm - - O
95µm - - O
90µm O - O
85µm - - O
80µm - - O
75µm O - O
70µm - - O
65µm - - O
63µm O - -
60µm - - O
55µm - - O
53µm O - -
50µm - - O
45µm O - -
40µm - - O
38µm O - -
35µm - - O
32µm - O -
30µm - - O
25µm - O O
20µm - O O
15µm - - O
10µm - - O
5µm - - O
note 1: Fitted with stainless steel woven wire mesh - maximum six per column.
note 2: Fitted with stainless steel woven wire mesh. Double depth - maximum three per column.
note 3: Fitted with electroformed nickel plate. Only one sieve per stack recommended.

Ordering Information

Sonic Sifter incl. digital timer, complete with column lock assembly

ZMSON-SON1 Sonic Sifter 230 V, 50 Hz
ZMSON-SON1 Sonic Sifter 110/120 V, 60 Hz

Spare parts

ZMSON-LOC1 Column lock
ZMSON-DIA1 Diaphragm
ZMSON-CON1 Top cone
ZMSON-SPA1 Standard spacer
ZMSON-COL1 Fines collector
ZMSON-HOL1 Fines collector holder
ZMSON-ASS1 Complete stack assembly

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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