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Muffle, Preheating & Ashing Furnaces


We have a wide range of Muffle, Preheating & Ashing Furnaces available.

Please select a model from below.

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Professional Furnaces with Folding Door or Lift Door (L & LT)

Compact Muffle Furnaces (LE)

Mini Muffle Furnaces (L & LE)

Muffle Furnaces with Brick Insulation (L & LT)

High Temperature Muffle Furnaces (HTC)

Ashing Furnaces with Flap Door or Lift Door (LV & LVT))

Muffle Furnace with embedded Heating Elements (L 9/11/SKM)

Furnace Systems with Scale and Software for Determination of Combustion Loss (L & LT)

Muffle Furnaces with integrated Air Circulation (LT)

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