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Southern Scientific Nemo Nuclear Event Monitor

A well proven Iodide detector with high sensitivity Caesium and a compact PMT used, the Nemo by Southern Scientific for its discreet size gives a very rapid response, making it an invaluable tool for finding (or avoiding) Gamma radiation sources.

The Nemo's simplicity makes it ideal for use even by non-technical personnel's. Gamma radiation when detected, Nemo displays from 1 to 9 a number and gives a vibration and a loud audible alarm. The nine preset are represented by the numbers 1 to 9 as alarm levels. Locating or avoiding a source by responding to the changes in the alarm and the response in the number displayed as the distance to the source decreases.

Unlike other instruments the Nemo continuously self-checks, detector voltage, count data integrity and monitoring battery level, for a reliable trouble free use. Low power consumption and the long battery life achieved from the non-volatile memory and the standard AA cells assures no loss in data logged while batteries are changed. Although Nemo is a standalone device, for viewing alarm events, as a standard an infra-red PC communication port comes is designed to meet IAEA recommendations monitoring at borders for Gamma radiation.


  High sensitivity
  Low cost
  Faster than 1 second response
  Simple to use and understand
  Compact and discreet
  Audio or vibration alarm
  Bright LED display
  Weather proof
  Belt clip and protective pouch
  Infra red port for PC communication


  Customs and border security
  First responders / Emergency Services
  Military / Security Services
  Airports and building security
  Event security

Southern Scientific Nemo Nuclear Event Monitor


  CsI Detector: 38 x 13 mm Ø
  Response Time: <1 s
  Range (Typ.): 0 to 100 µSv/hr with over range response
  Over Range Response: LED shows 'H' above 100 µSv/hr while audio or vibration alarm continues
  Indications: Audio and vibrate alarm, and LED display showing a number from 1 to 9 corresponding to preset levels
  Alarms: 85 Db sounder inside. Alarm rate changes for each alarm level (adjustable via PC interface). Vibration alarm for silent operation
  Calibration: Self calibrates upon turn on, then continuously self tests
  Background: Measured at switch on and automatically subtracted thereafter. In the event that background decreases Nemo will automatically adjust
  Power Supply: 2x AA batteries giving approx. 100 hours of normal use
  Controls: On / Off / Mute switch
  Environment: IP 55, weather proof, operates from -25°c to +50°c
  Dimensions: 117 x 79 x 24 mm
  Weight: 200 g
  PC Communication: Infra Red port (RS232)
  Software: Runs under MS windows. Shows real time count rate, configuration and event log. Can be used to change configuration and perform testing. Nemo records alarm history

Data Sheet

Ordering Information

SSL/NEMO - Nemo Portable pager-type alarm with simple 0-9 indication of radiation field strength.

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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