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Southern Scientific Wilma On-Line Water Monitoring System

Wilma is an on-line water monitor used for the detection of radionuclide, analysis and measurement, manufactured by Southern Scientific. It is a self-contained system which permits periodic acquisition, analysis and measurement of discrete water samples.

Wilma On-line Water Monitor features an integrated fluid handling, spectral analysis and radioactivity detection all contained within its rugged outer casing, this compact instrument measuring just about 480 x 400 mm and designed to operate in demanding environments.

Operated by Windows 8 operating system a unique user interface, this instrument can be controlled and handled remotely by a USB or operated by a touch-screen tablet, the instrument can transmit and run data unattended to a 30 day period, making it the ideal monitor for installation in locations that are isolated.

Hardware Features

  Small sample volume (max. 5 ml) minimises scintillation cocktail waste production.
  Established coincidence-based liquid scintillation counting techniques gives background rates <5 cpm.
  Counting windows can be set to permit maximum efficiency for radionuclides of interest.
  Low energy ß counting efficiency (3H) > 15% for a 2 ml sample (2.5 ml scintillation cocktail).
  Lower limit of detection for 3H is 2200 pCi/L (81.4 Bq/L) for a 60 min count time and 1500 pCi/L (55.5 Bq/L) for 120 min.
  Proven detection sensitivity down to 10 nCi/L (370 Bq/L) for key environmental radionuclides 3H, 90Sr, 137Cs and 241Am and giving sample recoveries in excess of 40%.
  Compact MCA module (up to 8192 channels) provides an additional sample analysis metric to allow for rapid identification of contamination.
  Manifold-based fluid handling module reduces risk of leakage, provides control of sample mixing with the scintillation cocktail and allows for easy maintenance.

Southern Scientific Wilma On-Line Water Monitoring System

Software Features

  Fully configurable measurement cycles gives user control over flow rates, analysis time, wash cycles and periodic calibration standard injection.
  Measurement display provides information on gross counts, average count rates and real-time sample spectrum acquisition.
  Animated flow path diagram permits easy observation of system status.
  Measurement queue function allows a series of cycles to be run over a defined time period of up to several weeks.
  Samples exceeding a pre-determined threshold trigger an automatic alarm which communicates the status and trigger conditions to system supervisors via e-mail.
  Data export function to allow for additional analysis.


  Environmental analysis: Water standard monitoring.
  Nuclear power generation: Changes in 3H levels in cooling water.
  Homeland security: On-line monitoring of radionuclide contamination in drinking water.

Data Sheet

Ordering Information

SSL/WILMA - Wilma On-line water monitor for automatic liquid scintillation sampling.

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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Wilma On-Line Water Monitoring System

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