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Bowthorpe SC14 Surge Counter

This product is now obsolete.

The Bowthorpe EMP range of Surge Counters are fully tested and are compatible with other manufacturers surge arresters. The Bowthorpe EMP SC12 is a Surge Counter only, whilst the Bowthorpe EMP SC13 provides the additional measurement of total leakage current.

The Bowthorpe EMP SC14 is a next generation Surge Counter, being intelligent, it transmits data from the surge counter to a receiving device (PAC-G 'Programmable Access Controller - Gateway'). It utilises leading edge technologies in terms of reliability, accuracy and ease of use.

Some benefits of the SC14 are listed below:

  Measures & Records Pulse Amplitude
  Measures & Records Pulse duration
  Automatic upload to remote server
  Time Stamping of surge activity
  Alarm tresholds set by customer
  Ease of installation
  Remote communications via Web Server or PDA
  Access to reports, history and status of individual or grouped counters over intermet.
  User definable reports.
  Instantaneous SMS and/or Email alerts in the event of an alarm condition.

The Bowthorpe EMP SC14 system consists of 2 main hardware components:

  The SC14 itself which directly monitors Surge activity on an individual arrester.
  The PAC-G is a gateway device that recieves data from individual SC14s. The PAC-G has a wireless internet connection (GPRS) to upload data to the web-server periodically or whenever it detects an alarm condition.

The following software components are supplied with the system:

  SurgeManager is a software application that will run on any handheld device with a Windows CE/Mobile operating system. This application allows the user/installer to commission the network of devices and also to monitor its status/health.
  The Web-Server based service handles all the related surge data from the various installations. The data on this is securely stored and is accessible only to selected personnel, with varying degrees of access. This incorporates a powerful report generating facility on the web-server which allows for the quick creation of user defined reports.

Note: The PDA is not included, but is required to commission the SC14 intellegent Surge Monitoring System

The Bowthorpe EMP SC14 uses patented Planar Magnetic Current Sensing technology to accurately and reliably detect and measure current impulses. This technology is exclusive to Tyco Electronics. When the SC14 detects an impulse it immediately transmits the data wirelessly to the PAC-G. If the impulse has exceeded the alarm tresholds then the PAC-G immediately uploads the data to the webserver and an alarm is raised, an SMS and/or Email is then sent to all relevant personnel giving Time, Date, Location and Surge data information.

If the impulse is below the specified alarm threshold then the PAC-G will store the data and only upload it during its regular periodic connection to the web-server. The frequency of this is typically once per 24 hours, but can be specified by the user via the web interface.

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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