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Grant Instruments OLS Aqua Pro Combined Orbital/Linear Shaking Water Bath (OLS26)

The Grant Instruments OLS Aqua Pro is a combined orbital and linear motion shaking water bath where the user can easily rotate tray carrier 180°.

Excellent temperature stability is a key feature of the OLS Aqua Pro and it also has a temperature uniformity of ±0.1°C.

The shaking speed and intensity can be adjusted for application optimisation.

Rapid heat up and accurate temperature control are the advantages of the "Set and Forget" technology that the OLS Aqua Pro is equipped with.

There are a wide choice of trays available (sold separately) for a wide variety of vessels.

Data Sheet

Grant Instruments OLS Aqua Pro Combined Orbital/Linear Shaking Water Bath

Ordering Information

Orbital/linear shaking water bath, digital, 26L, 0* to 99°C, includes clear lid. OLS26


Universal tray with adjustable/removable springs for OLS26 TU26
Test tube tray for OLS26, holds 5 x SR racks or can be used as plain tray TS26
Flask tray for OLS26, compatible with SC flask clamps, SR racks and SH plate holder TF26
Base tray, stainless steel, perforated for OLS26/LSB18 SBT26


Test tube rack SR for 48 x 10mm tubes SR-10
Test tube rack SR for 44 x 13mm tubes SR-13
Test tube rack SR for 24 x 16mm tubes SR-16
Test tube rack SR for 21 x 19mm tubes SR-19
Test tube rack SR for 12 x 25mm tubes SR-25
Test tube rack SR for 10 x 30mm tubes SR-30
Test tube rack SR for 119 x 0.5ml microtubes SR-SE
Test tube rack SR for 48 x 1.5ml microtubes SR-LE

Spring clamps for flasks and deep well plate holder

Spring clamp SC for 25ml flask SC-25
Spring clamp SC for 50ml flask SC-50
Spring clamp SC for 100ml flask SC-100
Spring clamp SC for 250ml flask SC-250
Spring clamp SC for 500ml flask SC-500
Spring clamp SC for 1000ml flask SC-1000
Holder SH for 1 x deep well plate SH-DWP

Tray upgrade kits and spare spring sets

Tray upgrade kit, allows TU26, TS26 & TF26 trays to be used with OLS200 (tray not supplied) TUK26
Spare spring kit for use with universal tray (10 short and 6 long springs) SSK

Gabled lids

Lid gabled stainless steel for OLS26 (with hole for cooling coil access) LS200
Replacement lid, gabled polycarbonate clear for OLS26/LSB18 AQL26

Cooling systems

Refrigerated immersion cooler for OLS26 CC26
Heat exchange coil for connection to water supply for OLS26 CW26

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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